What Is The Cost Of Lies?

Many of you probably watched the HBO series – Chernobyl. It won a couple of Golden Globes on January 6th…..richly deserved.

The story centers around a scientist called in to get this tragic situation under control and the Soviet official that minded him.

They became real comrades as they progressed through the cost in human life. Even the Soviet official was able to see the true problem that arose.

That problem was summed up in the final trial that tried to make the control room workers responsible for the entire disaster.

But in his final testimony the scientist could no longer hold back what he knew and in response to a question about causation, he said directly:

What is the cost of lies?

During his investigation he found that in order to save money, the Soviet Union decided to use cheaper material that, under the right circumstances, would fail despite the safe guards in place. And that is precisely what happened at Chernobyl.

The ruling Communist committee classified  the scientific study that originally found this problem before the disaster and told know one. They hid this problem from the public and lied about it when the disaster happened. They lied to their people and they lied to the world.

What is the cost of lies? It is difficult to know when those lies are hidden between layers of cover ups.

The Trump administration seems to have adopted the old Soviet style of public statements. Hide as much as you can and lie about the rest. We find out about Trump’s meetings and phone calls with Russian officials from Russian public statements — not from White House press releases.

In fact, this misdirection and fabrication is exactly how Putin’s government handles public information. Should we believe that this is a coincidence?

Trump has lied about foreign policy. About border security. About MS-13. About environmental policies. And he has lied about our healthcare system.

There is no credibility here. None. And I fear that this Iranian situation has much more to it than we will ever know. Trump expects us to believe him. Even though we know the level of dishonesty he is willing to use.

The actual cost of his lies will not necessarily  be felt immediately, this cost is taking away from our future. It has already cost us the value of our word to friend and foe alike, and God only knows how many American lives are actually at risk….right now.

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