Please Chill, Republicans

Republicans are ramping up the conversation on the eve of the House handing over impeachment proceedings to the Senate. The issue of impeachment is a hotly debated topic today…as it was 20 years ago in the Clinton impeachment trial. Republicans, and the President, are claiming it’s a sham and just a political stunt to remove the president. Oh yea, like removing a president over lying about an affair wasn’t just a political move. He didn’t try to influence the American elections….or withhold funds from a friendly country as a lever for getting them to get “dirt” on a potential political rival. Poor Republicans are feeling frustrated and sad.
But, it could be worse. You could have been a Democrat for the past 20 years. You only had to endure an impeachment trial that was about an affair with an intern, with information provided by Linda Tripp, a WhistleBlower, who secretly recorded phone calls with Monika Lewinsky to gather information about the affair, and even advised her to not “clean her semen stained dress.” That was a political sham.

And then the 2000 presidential election saw the Democratic candidate, Al Gore, win more popular votes 48.5% to Bush’s 47.9% but lose the election in the Electoral College, 271 to 266, because he lost Florida by 537 votes. Unfortunately, the Florida Republican Secretary of State had purged thousands of people from the voter roles because they had names similar to some convicted felons, affecting disproportionately black and Latino voters. Of course the worst part was that Ralph Nader received more than 2 million votes, 2.74%, and gave the election to the Republican candidate. This was a disaster of an election for Democrats, who clearly had the most votes……but didn’t win the election because of voter purges and strong liberal Democrats refusing to support the Democratic candidate.

Of course, the 2016 presidential election put the frosting on the cake when woman groping, university fraudster, Russian supported Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote, despite being crushed by 2.8 million votes in the popular count for Hillary Clinton. Vladimir Putin endorsed him, his campaign staff worked with Russian operatives, lots of Russian election interference on social media, and they worked to paint Mrs. Clinton as a horrible person….all effective enough to swing a few important states in his direction. Had only 75,000 votes in a few states been for Clinton instead of Trump, he would have lost the electoral college…and the popular vote.
So chill, Republicans. It could be worse. You could have lost two presidential elections that you really won and could have had a popular president impeached for lying about sex with a woman (like Mr. Trump hasn’t lied about having sex with women where more than 20 have accused him of unwanted sexual assault or affairs). Oh, and don’t forget, Democrats also saw a Republican Senate hold up the nomination and election of a Supreme Court justice for a year….just in hopes of having a Republican elected president and thus appointing a very conservative candidate for the post.
Just think how things could have been different. No farce of an impeachment, a president who would not have started the Iraq War and would have addressed climate change, a huge reduction in our federal budget, more support for healthcare for all Americans, and an international scene where diplomacy and world cooperation were the dominant strategies for peace.

Democrats have suffered a lot in the past few decades. I guess it’s time to be bipartisan and allow the other party to share the pain.