Party Of Trump Parades GOP Congresswomen to Oppose Equal Rights Amendment

Anyone who watched yesterday’s House debate on H. J. Res. 79 (to remove the deadline for the ratification of the equal rights amendment), had to be impressed by the way that the GOP leadership gave the floor to GOP congresswomen.

Debbie Lasko (AZ08), Jackie Walorski (IN02), Kay Granger (TX12), Carol Miller (WV03) and Virginia Foxx (NC05) versus only three Republican men who spoke out in opposition to the resolution. The dominance of women speakers was clearly an effort to not have the male dominated party appear to be telling women what to think.

The argument was simple :

The deadline for ratification had passed;
the ERA is not necessary;
the ERA would lead to more abortions;
and women are going to be paying more for auto and life insurance because they are better drivers and live longer than men

In the end, the vote was a bipartisan approval … with more Republican men voting yes than Republican women … in fact, every Republican woman voted NO. Apparently the concern of higher insurance costs must have influenced them.

Yep, 13 Republican congresswomen voted NO

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13 NO votes focused on women’s rights is rather impressive … until you realize that Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 had 16 “NO” voters from Republican women (most of the NO votes are no longer in the House — Virginia Foxx, Kay Granger and Cathy McMorris Rodgers can claim their opposition to the 2009 Fair Pay legislation and the ERA). Hmmm … when you hear the concern that Republicans have a problem attracting women candidates, may be it is because of the track record of offering congresswoman who reject Fair Pay and Equal Rights.

For the record, the Minnesota delegation was five in favor ( all DFL) and three opposed … MN01 Jim Hagedorn, MN06 Tom Emmer and MN08 Pete Stauber.

It’s something to remember when you vote in November.