MN01 : Hagedorn MRA = Free Money

QUERY : What would you do with $210,668.38 ?

The irony of Erik Paulsen proclaiming that “Washington must do more with less” was apparent when the House Administration released the Members Statement of Disbursements, and the taxpayers would see how much money that Congressman Paulsen spent on Franked Mail. { FYI Franked Mail … a practice that pre-dates the Constitution … allows postage to be paid by the government for “official business”. }

That subject has been discussed in previous Roundtable commentaries … Paulsen’s Franked Mail [see this ] as well as Michele Bachmann’s TV Eyes [ see this ] and Jason Lewis’s penchant for “Fine Art” [ see this ].

But Paulsen, Bachmann and Lewis are no longer Members of Congress … and there are five new Members whose spending for their MembersRepresentational Allowance (MRA) for 2019 has been just released.

And we have a new Member who seems to think that spending taxpayer dollars on mass mailings is something that his constituents value.

In a previous commentary, it was noted that First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn spent $41,088.00 with INVOCQ Technologies LLC in the Third Quarter in the “printing and reproductions” category [read this].
Yep … that’s a lot of money … only to be topped by Congressman Hagedorn’s expenditures in the Fourth Quarter.
Congressman Hagedorn spent $158,065.28 with Abernathy West LLC for “printing and reproductions” expenses.

$158,065.28 ???

In fact for 2019, Congressman Hagedorn spent $210,668.38 in the “printing and reproductions” expense category.
Add that to the $53.324.54 spent in the “Franked Mail” category and you have to question, if this is prudent … especially for a guy who wants to project an image of a “fiscal conservative”. Gosh, what happened to that guy who when asked about cuts to SNAP programs impacting school-age children, responded “People should fend for themselves” because Congressman Hagedorn wants “to be fair to the taxpayers”   [see this]

Is it “fair to the taxpayers” to take tax monies to make so many mass mailings ?

So, to be “fair” to Congressman Hagedorn, as a comparison, let’s consider the other Members of the Minnesota delegation:

Printing and Reproductions
MN01 $210,668.38 Jim Hagedorn
MN02 $ 3,971.12 Angie Craig
MN03 $ 6,996.65 Dean Phillips
MN04 $ 2,062.15 Betty McCollum
MN05 $ 5,251.69 Ilhan Omar
MN06 $ 4,945.17 Tom Emmer
MN07 $ 592.51 Collin Peterson
MN08 $ 96,185.24 Pete Stauber

The difference is startling … as is the Franked Mail category.
MN01 $ 53,324.54 Jim Hagedorn
MN02 $ 2,644.60 Angie Craig
MN03 $ 385.18 Dean Phillips
MN04 $ 1,599.42 Betty McCollum
MN05 $ 1,890.75 Ilhan Omar
MN06 $ 3,038.66 Tom Emmer
MN07 $ 507.65 Collin Peterson
MN08 $ 93,038.44 Pete Stauber

Not surprisingly, Jim Hagedorn spent more of the taxpayer dollars than another other Member of the Minnesota delegation to maintain his congressional office.

Actually, Congressman could have spent more … remember that the House sets its own budget and rules … but that does not mean that the taxpayers should not question his decisions on what, how and where to spend our taxdollars.

It’s a question that deserves an answer : WHY does Jim Hagedorn (and Pete Stauber) feel it is necessary to spend so much more than other Members of the Minnesota delegation.

But don’t be surprised if Congressman Hagedorn says it’s his job … sadly, the only jobs this seems to be for are the folks in the printing and mailing business … INVOCQ Technologies LLC and Abernathy West LLC .

NOTE : If you are interested in seeing how much Congressman Hagedorn spends on his congressional office, download this file and go to page 1141