The Complete And Total Failure Of The Trump Response

Local conservatives dismiss the things I say about Trump, telling me I am too negative. I have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Most people who really know me understand that policy is more important to me than personality. The problem with Trump is that he obliterates good policy. It just cannot happen with this egomaniac in charge.

Trump is a black hole. Rick Wilson wrote a book called, “Everything Trump Touches Dies”. Wilson was a Republican in his pre-Trump days but he has outlined the problems of the Trump Party all too well. This President makes no plans, acts on impulse, cannot take responsibility for anything, and surrounds himself with sycophants.

The covid19 pandemic has emphasized the problem with Trump’s management style or should I say, the lack thereof. Mixed messages, exaggeration and lies, and an inability to think beyond kneejerk reactions is an absolute disaster in a crisis. Trump doesn’t understand the basics of any problem, will not listen to the experts, often contradicts the experts, and flails around without any serious direction.

This is what Trump is – we just were not faced with a crisis of this magnitude over the last 3 years that could expose that. But now, we reap what has been sowed.

I am astonished that the usual Republican leaders cannot break free of this faux President and offer some rational solutions. They hide in their offices and wait for the next tweet to give them direction.

We cannot continue to allow this. Not because I hate Trump, but because we need to get back to good policy making. We have 330+ million people who want a government that works. A President that can take control of a crisis situation and move us out of this box we have been placed in.

No, Trump did not cause this problem. The Covid19 pandemic was going to happen regardless – but Trump has failed miserably in his response. He was told it was coming months ago. He chose to ignore it and hope for the best. Then when it became evident that community spread had begun, he closed the US off from the world even though it was too late for such an action and then caused the massive crowds at our airports – which probably further spread the virus.

Trump brags about shutting down travel from China early on – but if he had listened to his science experts, he would have learned that the virus was already invading other countries and was going to circle around to us anyway. He squandered time that could have been used to devise a plan and increasing the necessary supplies.

Trump has spent less time on solving this crisis and more of his time on mitigating the stock market collapse. It is insane. His priorities are focused on getting re-elected and not on sending out a coherent message.

I do criticize this President a lot. But frankly, I wish that I could find something that he does right. I can’t because he does everything for his own personal purposes. It is not about the country, it is about Trump, Inc.

Because of Republican enablement, we are forced to deal with this President who does not know how to do his job.

We need to throw out the incompetence and we need to end the enablement.

Remember in November.

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