MN01 Hagedorn Sponsors China-blaming Legislation and Favors Another Farm Payment

In another installment of the Hagedorn Report *SPECIAL EDITION*: Coronavirus  Update 4.1.20 , First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn announced that he had sponsored House Resolution 907 which stated that the Government of China made multiple, serious mistakes in the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak that heightened the severity and spread of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Hmmm … so Congressman Hagedorn joins the Party Of Trump chorus “condemning the Chinese government and Communist Party for their incompetent and reckless response to the coronavirus outbreak“. Yet, the resolution sets the timeline … including that our government was asking questions about this on January 6th … and the CDC established a COVID-19 Incident Management System on January 7, 2020. The first case of coronavirus reported in the US was when a traveler visited to a clinic on January 19th after returning from China on January 15th. And it was in January — actually, January 28th — that Members of the House started talking about it when there were five cases confirmed in the United States. The message was one of “trust us” …. as the Trump Administration is not “incompetent and reckless” like the Chinese

While testing can now only be done at the CDC, we hope that a commercially-available test will soon be available in February, which will help us contain and monitor this virus.
These global outbreaks impact us here at home, and that is why we respond to infectious disease outbreaks with urgency and as a global community. Efforts by President Trump and this administration have ensured our health agencies have the funding and resources necessary to combat outbreaks

Hmmm … commercial testing will be available in February ??? Well that didn’t happen as the Trump Administration said that there would be over 1.2 million tests available by March 9 … yet as of March 31, they still hadn’t processed more than 807,000 COVID-19 tests.

Hmmm … the Trump Administration has all the resources they need ??? Well, then why on March 30th, did FEMA officials inform House members that they acknowledged that they knew in mid-January that the supply of N95 respirator masks would fall short ??? Consider this : Taiwan had 44 million surgical masks for a population of 23.8 million, so why did America have only 30 million surgical masks for 327.2 million people ?

Congressman Hagedorn also encouraged everyone to participate in his telephone town hall …. where he was asked for an update on the status of medical supplies Congress requested be brought to Minnesota from the federal government, “It’s the states that need to make sure they handle their own affairs” …. another familiar refrain from the Party Of Trump chorus … after all, at that March 30th meeting, FEMA officials informed House lawmakers that the majority of the 100,000 ventilators Trump said the country would obtain before the end of June won’t be ready until that month “at the earliest” ???

Another question was raised about assistance for livestock farmers. Congressman Hagedorn said there were $10 Billion in the last bill for livestock and Congress is working with agriculture to get this funding to producers. Congressman Hagedorn said he does support another round of Market Facilitation Payments for trade disruption … which means that Congressman Hagedorn expects Trump to use the $14 Billion funded through the Commodity Credit Corporation to provide another round of trade war bailouts to farmers and ag processors.

Gosh, it was just last August at FarmFest that Trump’s Agriculture Secretary “Sonny” Perdue said there is no intention of extending the Market Facilitation Program … now, under the guise of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump will push more money to farms and ag processors. This is happening while American consumers bought 77 percent more meat during the week of March 15 compared to 2019. The spike in the purchase of beef products at the grocery store has resulted in higher beef values for meat packers, yet farmers and ranchers have seen live cattle prices down 16 percent. Yep, another win for Brazil-based JBS S.A., who you may know through the packaged labels Swift, Smithfield, or Pilgrim’s Pride — as well as the reported recipient of $67 Million in market facilitation funds So, although spring planting has not even started, Congressman Hagedorn is signalling to farm voters to expect another payment … hmmm … must be an election year.

These are tough times … and too many lives will be lost yet despite that, Congressman Hagedorn response is to sing in the Party Of Trump chorus, never acknowledging that any failure could be assigned to the Trump Administration and maintaining his view that “People should fend for themselves” (as he told constituents at Fillmore County townhall event) and that “It’s the states that need to make sure they handle their own affairs” since only China should be blamed “for their incompetent and reckless response to the coronavirus outbreak” .