The Mixed Messages Are Just Getting Stupid

Today, the head of the Covid19 Task Force, VP Mike Pence visited Mayo Clinic. Although Mayo informed him that they had a mask at all times policy, he did not wear one and stood out from everyone else in the room, including some patients.

So, was Pence in any danger? No. At least as far as we can tell. Was it still stupid to ignore the policy? Absolutely yes.

The Covid Task Force is, in theory, supposed to be communicating to the American people what the best practices are and what step to follow. When the head of the task force will not follow the simple policy of a Medical Clinic, then there is no credibility. None.

This one in a long series of mixed messages that this Administration keeps sending.  Often changing on a daily basis and often with polar opposite suggestions. From stay home to open up. From anyone can get a test to the states must furnish them. From listen to the doctors to do what you want. It is never ending. And the idea of Trump recommending unproven drugs and treatments on a whim is not only stupid but dangerous.

We have all been used to messaging that is well thought out and carefully crafted by previous Presidents….Republican and Democratic alike. But the word going out from this administration cannot be guaranteed to be credible all the way to being outright lies.

I used to think that Pence was more old school on the messaging thing, but he seems to have adopted Trump’s laissez faire attitude on what to say and what to do. And the American people have seemed to take the things he says as part of the partisan divide. Trumpers believe everything he says, while the rest of us have learned to be a little bit more selective.

You here people talk about “we are all in this together.” It would be nice if we could count on Pence and Trump being in there with us. Because so far, they are not even in the same dimension.

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