Counter Narrative

There is divided attention regarding our current public health situation. While the majority are dealing with the virus spread in the best way they can, there is this counter narrative that minimizes all of the issues.

I’m not sure that 100,000 dead can be minimized, but they are trying. Making it clear that it could have been 1 to 2 million people if we had not done something. But 100,000 still seems like a big deal to me.

And as for doing something, we did mitigation that slowed the rising number of cases. It was because of that “inconvenience” that we didn’t have more deaths. But apparently the counter narrative thinks that’s enough. It has to end. The economy is more important.

So despite the fact that things have only slowed but are still there, they seem to be willing to risk our lives to bring the “economic engine” back. The counter narrative says we are “living in fear”, that we are not being patriotic, that sacrifices must be made. Where does it say all of that? Who is scared, unpatriotic, and going to sacrifice themselves unnecessarily?

The counter narrative is insisting on resuming a daily life that cannot resume without basic adjustments. Nothing has really changed with this virus. It is still there. It is still virulent. And it is still killing people. What has changed that tells the counter narrative to change course?

The counter narrative says that we are infringing on their freedoms. Wearing masks is weak. Taking precautions is fearful. Well, I would like to know why their rights get precedence over mine? Why is their freedom more important than mine? You hear the phrase “we are all in this together”. No, we are not. We have a segment of our society that is more concerned with profits, appearances, and impositions. We, the people who prefer safety, science and protocol, are apparently the ones who must bend. We are the ones who must adjust and essentially take the risks they want everyone to take.

The people who do not believe in science are the vocal minority trying to extend their will onto all of us, and they have a President willing to deny the science to get there.

We are still at risk. I, for one, will stay the course….for the benefit of myself and everyone else that enters my sphere.