If Only….

The stupid meter is very high. I am tired of these ridiculous arguments about masks. If that is too much of an inconvenience for you, then one has to wonder how you get through the day.

I watch the President flounder around without a clue as to what to do, while his first thought is to blame someone else or hide the severity of it.
If Hillary Clinton was President right now, we would not be in this mess. She would have brought in infectious disease experts from every corner of the country. She would have consulted with our allies on a global approach to this. She would have studied daily briefings on what the situation is and what we could do to keep control.

She would have observed the New York model and mandated that process across the country and she would have taken all the heat that would have been thrown at her (she has always been good at accepting criticism and moving on), because unlike our current President, she would do what is best for the entire country not just those who supported her.

We would be past this like they are in Europe. Our businesses would be back, our schools would be open, our people would have adjusted and returned to a new normal.

But we don’t have that, because we elected the worst possible person to handle this or any other crisis, Donald Trump.