Remembering RBG

This is a sad week. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, having lost her final battle with cancer. She was constantly fighting her disease for several years, and eventually succumbed to the illness last Friday. She is being remembered this week with love and respect by most people. She is admired for her lifelong fight for gender equality and for the overall health of the American family.

Anyone who has seen her movie, or read reports about her, knows that she was a brilliant woman who took on a tough fight to ensure women were respected and considered as important elements of the American scene. She was a great jurist and scholar and her intellect was respected by all who knew her.
As she lies in state this week, with flags honoring her life flying at half mast, some on the Republican side are disrespecting her life by not even waiting 24 hours to talk about her replacement and even suggesting that her last reported wish, not to be replaced before the election, was not real and contrived by Joe Biden and Adam Schiff.

Many former reasonable Republicans, such as former Secretary of State Colin Powell said in June 2020 that Trump was a liar, autocrat, and unfit to rule. Prior to Trumps election, Lindsey Graham said that “He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”” It turns out they were absolutely right. He shows poor judgment and no common sense or compassion when the times call for restraint and gentle praise.

Across 32 countries 64% of the populations say they have no confidence in Trump to do the right thing. In Germany, Sweden, France, Spain and the Netherlands 75% have no confidence in his leadership. He also gets especially poor reviews in Mexico, where 89% do not respect him. His juvenile and disrespectful behavior, always throwing insults and hurtful comments at anyone who doesn’t love him, is a low point in American history.

Rest in Peace RBG. We will Respect your Bold Goals. We will Remember you as a Brilliant Guru. We will honor your life of dedication and perseverance. And hopefully the New Year will bring some honor, humility, and love to the world. Thank you for your lifelong commitment to improving the lives of others. We hope your energy and vision will inspire young women for years to come.

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