Hard to Believe

A recent report says the Taliban are supporting President Trump’s reelection. They hope he gets re-elected so he will withdraw all US troops and the Taliban can again have more influence in their region. Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence are again working to undermine our elections and have Trump re-elected for another four years.

I can’t ever remember a presidential candidate running for office with endorsements from two of our enemies/adversaries of the US. They clearly don’t have the hope or expectation that the US will be better and stronger if their candidate is re-elected. Their hope is for more internal conflict and division, more damage to the US economy and public health, and basically a worse time for the citizens of the United States. Putin and Russia worked hard to undermine the 2016 election. As a result, they got a person running the country who has appeared to fail at ensuring the health of the US during the pandemic. And Michael Cohen, his personal attorney, said Trump praised Putin during the 2016 campaign because he assumed he would lose and wanted to make sure he could borrow money from Russian sources for his real estate empire.

The US leads the world in the spread of the disease and in the number of deaths in the world. Certainly, they got their wish…they literally killed thousands of Americans by having a crazy person, like Trump, who knew of the dangers of the pandemic and refused to act on it become president..
A simple question must be asked of all potential Trump voters/supporters. Why would you support someone who our enemies like? Especially, since he has refused to reveal his taxes so we could know who he owes money to. Could he be acting in his own personal interest at the expense of the American people? We have seen actions by the president that support the claims he is a sociopath and is both egotistical and delusional. Simply put, he is a danger to the American country.

And Trump has been attracted to dictators and other despots since his election. He has praised people like Putin of Russia, Xi of China, Duterte of the Philippines, Kim Jong Un of N. Korea, and Erdogan of Turkey for being strong leaders. He especially said Putin was a stronger leader than President Obama, insulting his predecessor repeatedly on several occasions.
Let’s hope voters realize supporting Trump is the same as supporting people who hate the US. Why they don’t see this fact is unsettling? Hopefully enough people will reject his second term….and return the country to leaders who actually represent the people and interests of the United States.

We can hope.

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