Two Sides of the Story

Lindsey Graham, at the hearing on Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court, suggested that the reason that political leaders like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi (from California) and Chuck Schumer (NY) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass) didn’t want to redo the Affordable Care Act was because their three states received almost 1/3 of the funds for the ACA when they only had 25% of the population. So, he argued, they were simply trying to corner more funding for their own interests.

However, Graham forgot to mention that states, like South Carolina, were very dependent on federal funding, receiving far more from the federal government than they actually paid in through taxes. Interestingly, NM is the most federally dependent state, and KY (Mitch McConnell) is #2, MS is #3, and yes, South Carolina is #7.

On the other hand, California is #41, Massachusetts is #44, and New York is #24. So, those three states pay much more into the federal treasury than they receive in return. In fact, So Carolina is dependent on the generosity of those three states for a good portion of their state budget.

So, let’s be fair. The facts are that blue states, that Graham criticizes, are actually the ones who fund many red states (like South Carolina, Mississippi, and Kentucky). We, supposedly are the United States, where we are committed to helping each other. It appears that the highly populated states help support their smaller population brothers. Perhaps as it should be….

So, Mr. Graham. When you try to tell a story, tell the whole story. It helps us all to understand how we work together to help each other, even when some pay more than their fair share.

And speaking of fair share, Mr. Trump only pays $750/year on his income taxes. So, the inequity is “fairly” obvious.