1,004,573 reasons to question MN01 Jeremy Munson “grassroots” campaign

Dear Residents of the First Congressional District,

I’m Jeremy Munson, and I am running to represent you in the US Congress.

You will soon be bombarded with political mailers from multiple candidates using buzzwords and providing little to no meaningful information, or worse yet, negative attacks.


I know that real power belongs with the grassroots, not in the closed-door back rooms where the deals are made. I am running a grassroots campaign. I do not accept corporate PAC money, because corporate PAC money corrupts the legislative process.

When my mailbox received a seven page letter stating Jeremy Munson’s views (along with a double-sided “Meet the Munson Family” and one-page request for $11,600 or less, as a campaign donation), I was impressed with his recognition that Political Action Committees have too much influence on the legislative process.

Well, while Jeremy Munson can say that he will not accept corporate PAC money, that doesn’t mean that corporations and private donors will not give money as “independent expenditures” on behalf of Munson For Congress campaign.

Case-in-point, on May 3, a Dallas Texas firm was paid $904,573.10 for “a media buy supporting Jeremy Munson” and on May 4, AdVictory LLC of Grand Rapids Michigan was paid $100,000.00 for “digital advertising supporting Jeremy Munson”. The expenditures were authorized by Protect Freedom Political Action Committee.

That is a lot of money ! Too bad that there are not any businesses in Minnesota that could have been awarded those contracts.

So where did the money Protect Freedom PAC come from ? Well, $750,000 came from the Kentucky Freedom PAC. So who donated to the Kentucky Freedom PAC ? $5 million from Jeff Yass, of Susquehanna International Group and $1 million from Maurice Kanbar … and some smaller donations like $15,000 from the wife of the owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team …. you know … the “grassroots“.

“Grassroots” ??? So much for his statement of rejecting “crony capitalists”.

Nah … more like “Kentucky grass” because the Protect Freedom PAC is Kentucky’s Senator Rand Paul’s affiliated Super PAC.

Jeremy Munson’s campaign has also been funded by Kentucky’s Fourth District Congressman Thomas Massie … so if you think that Minnesota’s First should be Kentucky values (and their donations), Jeremy Munson might be your guy.