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Our goal is to respectfully further progressivism and air the moderate to liberal viewpoint. We are not a “Democratic Party” or “DFL” blog, although most (but not all) of us are Democrats.

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Email: (Dave Mindeman is manning this as of now)

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MnCentral:  Home blog  His musings will address political issues that affect our nation and the State of Minnesota. MnCentral’s political views are a combination of progressive, liberal and conservative (depending upon the subject and your interpretation). Therefore, I would state that I am a Centrist … hence the name —- Minnesota Central.

Dave Mindeman:, Home blog I am the main blogger for the mnpACT! site. Born and raised near Wahpeton, ND, I now live in Apple Valley, MN (after stops in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Austin, MN and Rochester, MN) and have been active in progressive causes for many years. My wife, Roxanne, and I have a 13 year old budding activist son. I believe strongly in community activism and messaging. Have a passion for baseball and have been accused of being a statistic nut. Hope you enjoy this site!

Dee Gee:  Minnesota born and bred, but well traveled, Dog Gone aka Dee Gee attended St. Olaf and the University of Minnesota, pursuing interests in languages, speech communication / broadcasting and journalism. My nom de plume derives from an interest in purebred dogs, primarily sight hounds, in admiration for the beauty, speed and intensity of the love of pursuit. Beginning with joining my home blog of, I’ve also written for PoliticusUSA, Opinion editorial, mikebe30200, and act as a group admin for the economics group on Democratic Underground, among others, in addition to writing for MN Political Roundtable.

Holly Cairns:  Holly Cairns has a master’s degree in education and taught social studies at the high school level for eight years. She has one husband and two kids and lives in Lakeville, Minnesota.  She’s a staunch Obama supporter  and claims he’ll be known as the Health Care President.  She built this site and has been a web producer and editor since 1996.  Her home blog is