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Minnesota CD2: Dan Powers, John Kline, Recent Blogging

  Who’s been doing what,  re:  the Minnesota CD2 race? Seat holder:  John Kline (R-MN) Challengers:  Dan Powers (DFL, endorsed) and Shelley Madore Dave Mindeman posted More Principle Without Substance MNCentral posted Kline Supports $4M Earmark for Local School Funding Holly Cairns posted Dan Powers says Rebuild the Middle Class, John Kline talks Earmarks jnleareth […]

Miss Bush Yet? AM950 Radio Billboard

Driving to your cabin?  Making a run to Northern Minnesota?  Here’s at least one reason to stay awake for the ride.   AM950 Radio just launched a new billboard along Interstate 35 in Forest Lake. The new billboard answers George Bush’s question, ‘Miss Me, Yet?’ with a “No! You Nearly Bankrupted America.” AM950 Radio is […]

Our FB page already has cool fans

Hey, we’re looking for Facebook groupies.   If you want to find us, we’re here or you can click on that floaty thingy which says “Follow me” near the right scroll bar.   I notice we already have super cool fans!  23 of them!!!! No way!  Woot! I think that is where we’ll put photos and […] LAUNCH

Hi everyone, We’re launching TOMORROW, April 10th, 2010, so hopefully you can stop by. We’ll be explaining the Progressive Brain, interviewing Mario Piperni, and there will bea few other things happening. See you then! 😉 Geez, I’d better set up our FB page before then. Or maybe I can get someone else to do that. […]

Vote: Annual Minnesota Blogger of the Year Award

It’s time for readers and peers to vote for Minnesota’s Blogger of the Year! On March 24th we asked for nominations, and now no further nominations are being accepted. We feel being nominated was quite an honor and congratulations if you were nominated!.  We’ll send out certificates to all who were nominated, but only three will […]

Annual Blogger of the Year Award

Update: 4/3/2010  We’re now voting over here (until 4/9/2010). Many Minnesotan bloggers work hard and never ask for much in return.  We’d like to start a new tradition, which is a poll about Minnesota’s best bloggers! We’ll allow you to pick one top blogger, but we’ll honor the top three bloggers by sending them a […]