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Taxes and Red States

I want to follow up on a post by MN Central about the Arizona referendum.   Looking over a report from the Progressive States Network, it’s hard not to notice that Governor Pawlenty’s counterparts in much redder states than Minnesota have used a much different approach to budget balancing. As MN Central points out, Arizona (certainly […]

Energy Disasters: One Is All It Takes

GOP National Chairman Michael Steele says: “This is the first oil spill of this magnitude in some 20 years since the Exxon Valdez so the track record here for drilling offshore in the United States is a pretty good one,” he said. Pretty good?….but is that good enough?   The tendency is (and to the energy companies, the hoped […]

Pawlenty’s Unallotment Use Nixes BiPartisan Compromise

Governor Pawlenty is feeling frisky again.  Must be gearing up for one of those national fundraising trips.  Today, in another flash of “bipartisan” problem solving, Pawlenty called the DFL Legislative majority “pathetic and ridiculous”.  Nice negotiating posture for budget negotiations. But if you examine the rest of Pawlenty’s statement, you get the reason for the […]

Energy Industry Lacks Credibility

As I flipped through the channels the other night I paused breifly to hear Sean Hannity on Fox News start a segment on his show that was about to blame President Obama for the oil spill crisis in the Gulf. He prattled on about the “double standard” in criticism about Bush’s handling of Katrina and […]

The Party of Lincoln?

I read an editorial that still referred to the Republican Party as The Party of Lincoln. That term is a little hard to swallow these days. I doubt that Lincoln would recognize today’s version of that Grand Old Party. Lincoln’s absolute focus was on keeping the Union together.  He was even willing to compromise on […]

Kline on Earth Day

by Dave Mindeman Back in July of 2009, Congressman Kline penned an op-ed piece about the proposed Cap and Trade legislation. There are couple of things about that piece that are relevant as we celebrate Earth Day on this April 22nd. First, a minor point but goes to relevancy, (as my lawyer wife might say): […]

Kline’s Principle

by Dave Mindeman I have talked extensively about how John Kline’s stand on not making any district requests (or requesting earmarks in his vernacular) is a detriment to the district. In response to a guest blog post which talked about the same thing, a commenter said this: If you don’t like Congress spending Minnesotans’ money […]