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Conservatives: Institutionalizing Perversion, Part 2

Perversion, continuing from here: The Grand Marais story describes the sexual exploitation of women and girls. The report quoted below is from the Virginia Department of Health, from the Coordinator of the Sexual Violence Prevention program; it describes how older men younger women exploitation works perfectly, who does it, and who is vulnerable to being […]

Mitt Romney is an owner of Bain;
Bain is the owner of Clear Channel;
Clear Channel is the Syndicator / broadcaster of the Rush Limbaugh Show…

Ol’ Mitts full O’Money SAYS he likes to fire people, just like Donald Trump. How bad does Limbaugh have to be, how many sponsors does he have to lose, before that happens?  How low does he have to go to end up like weepy crazy Glenn Beck?  Read on! (cross posted from  I found […]

5 More Victims of Gun Violence, and the Role of WalMart

  Monday, February 27, 2012 Update to Another School Shooting with Multiple Victims, 1 dead, 4 wounded, Possibly Multiple Shooters   Kids learn from what they see about how to deal with their emotions, with conflicts, with impulses, and they learn violence from the adults in their environment, including media. Events like this result from […]