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Not Part of the Regular Field Trip

We have a lot of legislation pending that would expand gun use and gun carry, notably the offensively titled ‘Shoot First’ legislation that would make it more excusable for people to shoot other people first, and ask questions afterwards, instead of before shooting, and instead of avoiding shooting. We have more open and concealed carry […]

Chip Cravaack Votes for Keystone XL Pipeline,
based on study paid for and benefiting oil companies

In his last telephone town hall Congressman Cravacck repeatedly used what appear to be highly inaccurate figures for new jobs which will be created by the Keystone XL pipeline.  He claimed there would be an immediate 20,000 jobs created and another 1,000,000 ancillary jobs resulting from the pipeline going forward. No one supports the claim […]

Talking More Turkey, More Bigotry, More Dominionism

This turkey of a story has more legs than ……well, than a real turkey has drumsticks!  Right wing watch caught this from the American Family’s Bryan Fischer (he’s also afraid of Mormons as well as Muslims) who was prominent in Rick Perry’s political evangelism event earlier this year.  This is not a passing aberration; this turkey […]

Happy Halaliday

I was brought up with the wise advice to prepare for entertaining conversation at holiday dinners and other social events.  It provides a person with something to fall back on for a change of subject, if conversations get a bit tense among family and friends, as social occasions sometimes do. In that context, I hope […]