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National Voter Registration Day is TODAY!

Across Minnesota and Iowa, there are canvassers out registering new voters, part of national Voter Registration Day. As noted by KTTC, which covers Winona and Rochester across the southern part of the state, and northern Iowa, new voters can register on the old-fashioned paper registration forms ORin Minnesota, via the ONLINE system. WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) […]

Kline and Kansas

In 2010, the voters of the entire state of Kansas made a mistake in who they elected to the office of Governor. In 2011, he came into office and began implementing his policies, in cooperation with a Republican legislature.  The result?  Credit rating agencies like Moody’s took a dim view, per the Wichita Eagle: Moody’s […]

U.S. Flag Day

Today is Flag Day 2014

As a blogger I am fascinated by what we know, and what we think we know; between actual history and what we think we know of history.  It is not really quite the Betsy Ross version we are led to believe. I like the history of our holidays, major and minor. So in honor of […]

Conservative Politics and Economics Result in Downgrading Credit Ratings, Low Job Growth

Conservatives believe things which are demonstrably false, untrue, factually deficient, and never more so than in their insistence that government spending is bad or that taxation takes money out of the economy or that tax cuts will lead to prosperity and growth, including job growth. They don’t.  They do the opposite, as conservative ideology operates […]

Sunny Green : Playing the Angles

The need for energy drives global warming, as well as wars and pollution. Clean, inexpensive, accessible energy would go a long way towards not only a healthier and cleaner planet, but towards global peace. So, naturally conservatives HATE it, in any form, but most notably at the moment in the renewable energy of solar power. […]


The word “Bully!” has more than one meaning. It has positive meanings, like ‘bull market’ for a rising stock market.  Or for another example it was a pet phrase of President Teddy Roosevelt; his terminology for presidential leadership, ‘bully pulpit’ is one instance.  In that sense, “Bully for you, in other words, “good for you”, […]

Update on Title IX Conservative Lies

You can read the earlier story here. To recap, parents raised some $15,000 for spectator seating, and then built the seating; it failed to meet proper standards – the fault of oversight and lack of information being provided by the School District – and then had to be removed. Glenn Beck and Fox News tried […]