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March 8, International Women’s Day
The Radical Right Does NOT Value Women as Equals

Next door in South Dakota we have another example of racism meeting misogyny, and attempt by right wingers to intrude more of THEIR religious bias into governmental authority, using it AGAINST women, their families, clergy, and doctors. The radical right just cannot let people make their own decisions.  Rabid conservatives in South Dakota are trying […]

NO Guns in Schools

There have been, across the globe and across the span of history, two places where weapons that harm people have been unwelcome: places of spirituality and worship, and places of education. Guns do not belong in schools, guns do not make anyone safer in schools, guns detract from the function and purpose of schools which […]

The Minnesota Religious Right Continues to Lie to Raise Money

The radical right is notoriously fact-averse, and engages in outright lying, deception and misrepresentation. That is sadly true of the Minnesota religious right political activist group, The Minnesota Family Council as well. On February 7th, that group sent out a mass-mailing that is clearly designed to create the misconception that patriotism, and especially the first […]

What Kurt Daudt did wrong, and why it illustrates how Stand Your Ground law is bad, and our CC permit laws are inadequate

A summary of events, from the Star Tribune last month: The lead Republican in the Minnesota House of Representatives acknowledged Friday that he was involved in a gun-related dispute in Montana in September that resulted in his arrest and felony charges against a friend who was traveling with him. According to the charges filed by […]