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Earth Day Across the Globe

Happy Earth Day! Hopefully today you’ll visit which has been accepting photo-testimonials of climate change.  Here’s a Mongolian seventh grader: In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia seventh graders at a local international school took part in an environmental education program for The Face of Climate Change.  The program was aimed at promoting awareness about the effects of climate change […]

Al Franken:

Today I got a call on behalf of Minnesota’s Senator Franken asking how I would vote in 2014. I told her I’ll vote for Senator Franken and proceeded to grill her on the issues! Ha! I was impressed by her  knowledge of Al’s voting pattern and issues stance.  So, beware. If you’re going to call […]

Death I Said

Unless we need to, most of us don’t care about death.  But this act protects the grieving and we should pay attention now.  Send a letter to the President, your Congressman, and your Senators about expanding the family leave act. 

John Kline Still Kissing “For Profit, No Jobs” College’s Butts (Smooch)

Huffpo recently ran Charged With Protecting Students, Congressman Kline Instead Serves For-Profit Colleges: …the Minnesota organization includes schools owned by some of the industry’s worst predators — described below. Kline, USA Today reported over the summer, “saw a dramatic upsurge in campaign contributions from for-profit colleges in recent months,” at the same time that he […]