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Calling all anti-spending Tea Partiers : Trump Administration providing funds for an animal shelter

Two stories that you may have missed : Dean Phillips (MN03), Collin Peterson (MN07) and 82 of their colleagues wrote in a bipartisan letter that funding for homeless veterans needed to be approved noting a report that in January 2018, there were 37,878 homeless vets including 14,566 unsheltered or living on the streets. The Trump […]

Hagedorn Hype : An Appeal to Women

Today, the official 2020 Election season starts … pitting Jim “Mr. Conservative” Hagedorn against the re-branded Jim “working-across-the-aisle delivering for Minnesota’s First District” Hagedorn. Today, the House is scheduled to vote on H R 4405 The Women’s Business Centers Improvement Act of 2019 which Congressman Hagedorn is the lead Republican and authored by Kansas Third […]

Hagedorn Hype : “Lends” his support to Trump reducing RFS to below Obama levels

The phrase “Trust but verify” was appropriate in 1987 warned Ronald Reagan after the signing of the INF Treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev …. today, the new phrase is “Never trust Trump, Always verify” … and that needs to apply to his sycophants also. Hence read Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s press release “Hagedorn Lends Support to Renewable […]

Hagedorn Hype : Authors American Workforce Employment Act That Will Benefit Few (but prime for campaign literature)

Finally, MN01 Congressman Jim Hagedorn has authored his first legislative bill … on September 24, 2019, H R 4469 the American Workforce Employment Act was introduced. Note : Some constituents may have read that Congressman Hagedorn “is author of the Student Empowerment Act” … which implies that he was the originator and driving force behind […]

After Trump Shutdown costs the United States economy $11 billion, MN08 Stauber wants to Empower the “Imperial President” with more Tariff Authority

I miss John Kline … well sorta … don’t get me wrong Angie Craig is a vast improvement … but sometimes Kline would say thing that just made sense. Take shutdowns … remember when Kline said “Minnesotans don’t want a government shutdown. I’ll continue to fight on their behalf and call on the Senate to […]

The cost to our conscience : Trump, Lee, and Enzi ignore Blue Water Vets pleas (while Blumenthal vows to carry on regardless of Trump Shutdown)

The MN Political Roundtable has written many commentaries advocating for veterans health care as they, and their families, confront the impacts of Agent Orange … and with President Trump mantra — “I don’t think anybody’s been more with the military than I” — and a Republican-controlled Congress, this was the 115th Congress that would provide […]

Taxpayer Money or Erik Paulsen Christmas Gifts ?

For over a decade, there was a constant refrain from Minnesota’s Third District Congressman, Erik Paulsen … the need to restoring Fiscal Discipline to Washington You deserve a government that spends its money as wisely as you do. Washington needs accountability, transparency, and more leadership to get our country’s fiscal house in order. For too […]

Khashoggi, Refugees, Guest Chaplain Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff and Trump

Guest Chaplain, Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff, Retired Chaplain, U.S. Navy, Washington, DC opened Tuesday’s House session with the following observance : Almighty God, we pray, reflect, meditate in different ways, but unite in condemnation when hatred rears its ugly head. On this date in 1945 we helped convene a court in Nuremberg, proclaiming some actions […]