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Evolution and Jason Lewis

  For years, Minnesota’s Second District was represented by the “Gregarious Grandpa” John Kline … albeit with some complaints from a certain segment of the Republican Party (can’t forget when he got booed at a CD2 event as it was reported that “there was a good amount of people sitting down out of disapproval of […]

Believe It Or Not : MN01 Jim Hagedorn proclaims Obama Green Energy program “essential” to quality of life in Southeast Minnesota

Yep, it’s the start of election season when incumbents hope voters forget their previous statements (and votes) and instead just appreciate funding for programs their communities want. Case in point … remember when Jim Hagedorn referred to green energy as “global warming extremism” … and remember one of his first votes in Congress was to […]

On Memorial Day, Don’t Forget to Remember the Military Members who have Died from COVID

Don’t be surprised if our “war-time President” fails to acknowledge the impact that the coronavirus has had on our military. While some may think that this is an “old people” problem that has primarily hit people with weakened immune system, may not realize that our active military is not immune. The Defense Department’s COVID-19 death […]

MN08 Pete Stauber’s Message on House Resolution 965 : For the next 45 days, even if you are diagnosed with COVID, you gotta go to work

Did you see that on May 7th, Eighth District Representative Pete Stauber joined with 23 of his colleagues to hold a House Problem Solvers Caucus bipartisan “virtual Congress” event in which members participated in an unofficial floor debate ? Did you see that on May 13th, the House’s Small Business Committee, where Representative Pete Stauber is […]

Emmer, Hagedorn & Stauber Attack Walz Yet Still Want to Repeal ObamaCare

Remember these dates as you read this commentary : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The most prominent message in Congressman Hagedorn’s May 8th report is to inform his constituents of his May 1st letter that ” Congressman Emmer (MN-06), Congressman Stauber (MN-08) and I wrote a letter to Governor Walz encouraging him to establish guidelines for the responsible, safe […]