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Is Emma Watson, John Kline’s next target ?

Interesting tweet projecting the John Kline re-election strategy … Just had a ridic phone survey clearly from #FlipADistrict John Kline ripping @billmaher to shreds. I'm voting for Obermueller. — Mel (@doserenebirth) October 2, 2014 Yep, it appears that for candidate John Kline, the strategy is to avoid the public … heck even his FACEBOOK and […]


Kline Pushes Cosmetology Schools Ignoring For-Profit Schools Bailout Concerns

First a little good news for the future of Minnesota … yesterday, the Obama Administration announced the awarding $450M in grants to nearly 270 community colleges partnering with more than 400 employers nationally. In Minnesota, $2,473,227 was awarded to the CU Succeed program which will serve 450 TAA-eligible and similar adults over three years in […]

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton   Monday, June 23, 2014, in Virginia.

McFadden Says Yes to Chinese Steel While Kline Remains Silent and Inactive

Was it a “political blunder” or a “honest politician’s straight talk” when Mike McFadden said at FarmFest2014 that companies doing construction here in America could use steel imported from China instead of using steel from American sources – like Minnesota’s Iron range ? The Forum News Service pressed, would Chinese steel be OK? “Yes,” wannabe-Senator […]

Erik Paulsen in DC

MN03 : Erik Paulsen Complains About Doing Nothing

It’s recess time for the House of Representatives, so Erik Paulsen has a little time to update his followers that the Senate will also be on holiday … but they haven’t earned it. FACT: 200 bills passed House with unanimous support but are still #StuckInTheSenate — Rep. Erik Paulsen (@RepErikPaulsen) August 4, 2014 Wow … […]

House of Representatives

Kline Votes For “Ticking Time Bomb”

“Listen, these are difficult decisions in difficult times in an election year,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH-08) said. “The long-term problem is still there and needs to be addressed.” QUERY : What was Speaker Boehner talking about ? A. ) Multiemployer pension system B. ) Student debt crisis C. ) Highway Trust Fund Actually, he […]


Students Find 114 Reasons Why John Kline Is Wrong

Have you seen the television commercials of the great career opportunities available if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Computers Software Engineering from DeVry Institute ? Did you know that 201 people graduated with that DeVry degree in 2007 and 2008 ? Did you also know that 891 people defaulted on loans who were pursuing […]