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Kline Opposes Gainful Employment But What Are the Job Prospects For a Customer Loyalty Degree ?

Before heading out for his taxpayer-funded trip to Guam and Vietnam, Chairman John Kline sent a letter to the House Appropriations Committee, asking its members to insert language to deny funding the Department of Education from finalizing the new “Gainful Employment” rules. The Education Department’s proposed new “gainful employment” rules by requiring institutions to tell […]

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John Kline Goes To Vietnam Seeking Jobs – But Who Is He Lobbying For ?

John Kline brought a delegation to Vietnam (in Guam there were six Members and 14 “guests” but how many continued on is unknown) with the expressed purpose of expanding cooperation opportunities between the two countries’ legislative bodies. Specifically, Chairman Kline met with National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung in Hanoi on June 3 revealing that […]


Four Years Later, John Kline Still Fighting

2010, just like 2014, was an election year. John Kline’s challenger in that November election had a 35-cent tour as a campaign theme … even engaging with the US Chamber of Commerce’s FasterBetterSafer campaign in calling for immediate action to repair America’s crumbling roads and bridges. The Chamber’s campaign echoes the message promoted by my […]


Slapdown : John Kline Greets Thomas Perez

Jobs, Jobs training and the role of government will be a core issue in the November elections … especially in Minnesota’s Second District where John Kline as the Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee has prime responsibility. The pat answer that one can expect from Chairman Kline is “This is a debate about […]


Déjà vu : Kline Pushes Charter School Funding; Ignores Infrastructure

Last week was National Charter School Week and Chairman John Kline and his Republican colleagues spent two days debating and approving an increase in funding … in KlineDollars, not much … as the roughly $50 million increase is called “budget dust”. The discussion prompted some interesting comments from Chairman Kline’s pointman, Luke Messer (R-IN-06), who […]