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The Role of Extremst Rhetoric on the Actions of the Mentally Ill Is a Legitimate Concern for Public Discourse and Media Reporting: Right Wing Hypocrisy and Double Standards

What this post is about: The role of extremist rhetoric influencing less than mentally sound people to act violently is a legitimate concern for both news coverage and public discourse.  But how we engage in that as a finding of fact, and as a subject for discourse varies tremendously; there is a good way, and […]

MN-03: Should Tax Dollars Go to LIKE Erik Paulsen on FACEBOOK ?

QUERY : How can you tell a Fiscal Conservatives from a Faux-Fiscal Conservative ? ANSWER : See how they spend YOUR TAXDOLLARS on their Members’ Representational Allowances. Last week, the House approved it’s budget for itself … including requesting $573,939,282 for Members’ Representational Allowances (MRA) … that’s the monies they use to pay their office […]

Holly Cairns, Information Technology, Social Media

I’m joining with another person to provide these, and more, non-partisan services: weblog creation and usage quick response code generation and instruction android phone application creation, iTunes publication, Strategic messaging/ marketing RSS feed creation and usage Twitter best practice Facebook best practice More information will follow. If you need something now, let me know. Contact: […]

Reassessing My Social Media

update November 4, 2011:  That celebrity who followed me now doesn’t follow me.  Oh well, I guess he must have noticed he was following me.  And I unfollowed Robert Reich and Dave Winer. The Shannon File’s John Shannon recently assessed how he used social media, opting for the elimination of his Facebook page.  I read […]

When Social Media Crosses Enemy Lines

In the Minnesota political climate, I never assume those who aren’t “with me” are indeed “against me.”  There is a difference between “not with me” and “against.”  I’m not against rogue Democrats running for governor, but I’m for the DFL endorsed candidate.  You’d have to get to know me to understand.  I’ll fight tooth and […]