Please Chill, Republicans

Republicans are ramping up the conversation on the eve of the House handing over impeachment proceedings to the Senate. The issue of impeachment is a hotly debated topic today…as it was 20 years ago in the Clinton impeachment trial. Republicans, and the President, are claiming it’s a sham and just a political stunt to remove […]

Democrats in 2020: As It Looks Now

We have a moderate vs progressive split in the party (although I do not believe it is as serious as some try to make it), but there is clearly one goal that unites us – Trump must be a one term President

Practice What We Preach —A Christmas Message

It is nice that the President has sent a Christmas message that encourages national unity and developing “deeper understanding and respect..traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ.” It will be nice to see how these words are carried out in the new year, knowing that actions speak louder than words.” Words have little meaning if […]

DDT: A Pesticide and A President

There is another pesticide that is operating today that has had some extreme effects on humans in the United States and around the world. It refers to a current political officer in the US……Disastrous Donald Trump…..or DDT

The Electoral College Strategy of Donald Trump

Since Trump has made the electoral college his only strategy for 2020, then Democrats will have fight on that turf. Unfortunately this makes for an election fought in a small minority of battleground states….with the rest of the country virtually ignored…but that is where we are.

MN Senate DFL Caucus Needs A New Leader

I am convinced that Bakk can no longer do that. His representation of an Iron Range district is no vice. But his positions are not acceptable as a caucus leader. And he has shown an alarming tendency for back room deals that compromise DFL principles.

Honoring Veterans and Reflecting on Our Commander in Chief

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day to celebrate and honor those American who have served in our military, who have defended our country and countries around the world, and who have sacrificed time with family and friends, and in too many cases, sacrificed their lives, to honor and respect our country. We owe them much […]