MN02 : Can Dems For Darlene delivery a GOP primary victory for Miller ?


John Kline, an establishment Conservative, has endorsed Darlene Miller to replace him representing Minnesota’s Second District and heeding his call is a new FACEBOOK account rallying Democrats to support her campaign. We need more Progressive Republicans to run for office! #MN02 #Dems4Darlene @SD51Republicans — Dems4DarleneMiller (@Dems4Darlene) March 17, 2016 The FACEBOOK page has a […]

Why Jason Lewis Should Be Smiling After the Ohio Primary

House of Representatives

What can MN-02 constituents glean from the Ohio Primary … simple, it will be expensive and being linked to the incumbent may not be helpful. No, this has nothing to the presidential contest … the results that matter is Congress. After all, it is apparent that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the Republicans in Congress […]

MN-02 GOP Candidates Discuss How Scalia Died, Debt and Taxes While Angie Craig Focuses on Seniors


Saturday may have been the first time that some Republicans in Minnesota’s Second District conventions got to hear candidates to replace John Kline discuss their issues. Candidate Gene Rechtzigel demanded a Congressional investigation into Justice Scalia’s death. Candidate David Gerson reminded everyone that he has fought the Ghost of John Kline-Past. Candidate Darlene Miller alerted […]

John Kline Would Hand the Nuclear Football to Donald Trump


Last week, the news broke that Jeff Miller (R-FL-01) would not seek another term in the House … which makes one wonder why he choose to make this announcement so late in the election season … and before the Republicans vote in the Florida primary on Tuesday. Representative Miller had endorsed Marco Rubio : “America […]