Connect the Dots : John Kline, Koch Brothers, Jeff Johnson, Charter Schools


Should public funding follow kids, even if they enroll in private or parochial school? Jeff Johnson: yes, ideally… — FredMelo, Reporter (@FrederickMelo) October 13, 2014 The question is phrased in an interesting way … Should public funding “follow” kids … instead of … Should tax dollars be transferred to private businesses ? Yet that […]

People Voting With Their Wallets, Obermueller Surpasses Kline

corporations not people

ADAGE : It’s said that “power corrupts,” but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. Mitt Romney told America “Corporations are people, too, my Friend !”, so the media has reported the results of the fundraising period that ended on September 30th. Brett Neely of MPR writes that “Targeted races make for flush […]

Erik Paulsen Fails to be Endorsed by ARA


Who are you going to believe the campaign commercial … or … a group that represents more than 4.3 million retirees, older Americans and community activists, including more than 84,000 members in Minnesota ? The campaign commercial is selling Erik Paulsen as the savior for Social Security and the protector for seniors. Well, if you […]

54% of MN-GOP Must Wonder Why John Kline Was a No-Show


Today was FEC report card day … the day that campaigns must report how much they raised for the period from July 24 through September 30. As of last check, the Kline For Congress campaign has not filed the report but did inform the media that it collected $470,000 and has $1.76 Million cash on […]

John Kline in Hibernation Re-election Campaign Mode


If you haven’t seen John Kline since the House went on its “re-election recess”, blame it on Tom … not Bill Maher. Yeah, Tom has sent John Kline into hibernation … turns out that Tom had the audacity to ask the Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee about his support For-Profit schools at […]

MN2014 Judicial Elections : Nathan Busch Responds to the Roundtable

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Previously, a post was made encouraging voters to review the candidates before going to the ballot box and casting their vote for someone based on a name that sounds familiar. Case in point, John Hancock’s name is on the ballot for Minnesota Supreme Court. As mentioned in the post, in 2000, “John Hancock” received 639,915 […]

John Kline Didn’t Save Students: He Threw Oil on the Fire


HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher came to Northfield, Minnesota, intending to discuss student loan debt.  The non-televised panel discussion will air October 17, 2014, at 9:00 pm central time.   John Kline’s spokesman Steve Sviggum sat right by Maher and had his hands on Maher the whole night- we’ll probably see Sviggum’s nose and […]

Kline Pays $7200 For Blacklist; McFadden Pays $4250 For Debate

an elephant

Mike McFadden has made a lot of observations that should make John Kline a little uneasy. Surely, you have seen the commercial with Mike McFadden “waiting” at the debate podium for his opponent to show up … something that Mike Obermueller, the DFL-endorsed candidate knows only to well as John Kline has not participated in […]