Will Paulsen Ignore 36% LTU To Push Corporate Tax Cut ?

House of Representatives

As Erik Paulsen called it, the “Minnesota Mafia” chaired Friday’s Joint Economic Committee hearing ..Two Minnesotans reviewing the same data … two different slants Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Vice Chair of the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee (JEC), commented on the 192,000 non-farm jobs pick-up in the March noted that while the national unemployment rate […]

Update on Title IX Conservative Lies

You can read the earlier story here. To recap, parents raised some $15,000 for spectator seating, and then built the seating; it failed to meet proper standards – the fault of oversight and lack of information being provided by the School District – and then had to be removed. Glenn Beck and Fox News tried […]

Things I Learned Today : Al Franken Will Lose


On a snowy April morning, this Strib story is reason to just to ponder of our future : A new Minnesota poll, commissioned by a partisan group, finds that Democratic U.S. Sen. Al Franken is “potentially vulnerable” as he mounts his bid for re-election. It found that Franken has a 3 percentage lead over Republican […]

Truth about Title IX vs Conservative Misogynist and anti-Government Lies

It is my reliable litmus test for conservatives that they believe things which are wrong, erroneous, false, and factually deficient.  Even when they have the correct information provided, it is my experience that conservatives choose to continue with the false information; it is part of their identity that they become deeply attached to the false […]

Caveat Emptor : John Kline and Cutting Pell Grants $90 Billion


John Kline (R-MN-02) has been in campaign mode … with a focus on education. First there was the roundtable discussion concerning IDEA (special education) funding in Northfield on March 21st … which was followed up by Monday’s “Charter School” day … and even an appearance on PBS NewsHour. During these events, John Kline, the Chairman […]

John Kline : ObamaCare Is Indefensible; While KlineCare Targets Medicare Cuts


As I told @brettneely: #ObamaCare is indefensible. I'm not too surprised supporters having a hard time defending it. http://t.co/kXk3kKWNpz — John Kline (@Kline4Congress) April 1, 2014 The rollout problems with the health care law make it hard for Democrats to embrace it, even four years after passage, said 2nd District Republican Rep. John Kline. “It’s pretty […]