They Need To Pay A Price

by Dave Mindeman At some point you have to pay a price. In politics, bad policy is supposed to be corrected. The outcry of te public is supposed to matter. This insane idea of separating children from their parents at the border should have been shut down at the inception. Where were the voices of […]

MN03 Erik Paulsen Turns from Human Trafficking to Opioids to save his seat

Circa January 10, 2014, the question was posed Will Sex-Trafficking Save the GOP ? [Highlights below] Paulsen Talks Sex-Trafficking; House Votes on Obamacare In political elections, perception is everything. Do you want to be known as a leading obstructionist in the Do-Nothing Congress … or do you want to find an issue, develop bi-partisan support […]

Immigration FearMongering

by Dave Mindeman Immigration policy has always been controversial. But the Trump interpretation of it is patently ludicrous. The border with Mexico is not being overrun. The Canadians prefer their own country and probably could start taking steps to keep us out. We are a nation that appeals to the down trodden. We give people […]

Freedom And Family Need Defending

by Dave Mindeman Kids ripped away from their parents. Is this really America anymore? How much more of this are we going to allow? After all, this is being done in our name. The people of the United States are complicit in a massive incarceration of children. Sounds pretty bad doesn’t it. But this President […]

Lewis and Paulsen and TEA Party Endorsements

Since the rise of the TaxEnoughAlready Party in Minnesota, the message was clear … there would be primary challenges to Republican members of Congress they accuse of “caving in” to Democrats. So it was that Second District Republicans have held a completive primary since 2012 … until this year, when first term Congressman Jason Lewis […]

“Liberals Don’t Know Anything About Guns”

by Dave Mindeman The gun debate goes on and on. And every time we make some progress, a new obstacle is put into the path. The latest version of this is that Democrats can’t make rational decisions about guns because they are clueless about how they operate and don’t know the different nuances of the […]

Some Thoughts And Analysis on the DFL Gov Race

OK, I am going to offer up a discussion of the governor’s race here. I want to make it clear from the outset that I am not promoting or endorsing any particular campaign. Not at all. I am still deciding what to make of all this – so some of this is just thinking out […]

A Story About Why Dems Lose Elections

Let me tell you a story about the DFL convention that gives you one of the reasons why we seem to put too many elections at risk. Erin Murphy won the endorsement from the State DFL for the governor’s race. She went into the convention without a choice for Lieutenant Governor. Fine. She wanted to […]

DFL: A Wild Convention Day

Well, this has been a memorable DFL convention. A fairly normal Friday evening agenda gave way to a crazy Saturday of events. The shock of the day came early with the out of the blue endorsement of Matt Pelikan over incumbent Lori Swanson for DFL Attorney General. Swanson has had a strained relationship with the […]