U of MN Students Protest John Kline Pell Budget Cuts and Research Cuts


QUERY : Do the “words” match the “deeds” ? Your elected representatives should be your advocate, your voice in Washington that seek to make your life a little easier — not create additional financial burdens. – John Kline OpEd March 19, 2015 entitled Legislation could help avoid huge student loan debts On March 25, John […]

John Kline Goes To Israel With Taxpayer’s Open Checkbook In Hand


Did you read the MinnPost headline — Lean Times at the Pentagon — featuring comments from John Kline ? The underlying theme of the story is SPENDING … and the recently passed Republican-controlled House budget with an increase in spending for the military-industrial complex. The GOP-controlled House passed a plan this week that would fund […]

Tom Emmer : Lone Minnesotan To Vote Against Housing Aid


The Re-Elect Tom Emmer campaign is out with the help of the local media … such as this headline from the St. Cloud Times Emmer focuses on transportation, vets in legislation And MinnPost First bills from Rep. Tom Emmer: Help for vets and highways And supported by tweets — from Representative Emmer’s Communications Director Busy […]

Chairman John Kline Requests 7.7% Budget Increase For His Committee


Did you read that the House is debating how much to cut Pell Grants ? Prompting reactions such as, Vote NO on the FY16 Budget Resolution, calling for $150 billion cuts to federal student aid! Find your rep @ http://t.co/KmQfa1aBJ8 #sprhill — Spring Hill College (@sprhill) March 23, 2015 “Any budget proposals that decrease federal […]

Mary Lawrence Looking Forward to Challenging John Kline and then House Republicans using Minnesota Commonsense


The Pioneer Press reported what had already been known for over a month … Mary Lawrence would seek the DFL endorsement for Minnesota’s Second District. “After serving our nation’s Veterans and Service members as a physician at the VA for over 17 years, practicing and teaching medicine, I’ve seen first-hand the negative consequences a hyper-partisan […]

GOP House Budget Rejects Amendment To Restore VA Funding


The 114th Congress gaveled into session with 58 new Members — 43 Republicans and 15 Democrats — all with the idea of representing their constituents. Sadly, thus far, we have seen that some believe their constituents are their respective Party Managers … be it, Corporate Republican, TaxedEnoughAlready Conservative or Democrat. For the Republicans, the Party […]