Religious Legislating

The Christian religion is not the founding principle for this country. A secular Constitution, which emphasizes and prohibits the dangers of state sponsored religion, is how we conduct the affairs of state.

An Open Letter To The Anti-Choice Community

I will no longer listen to your “moral” outrage. You have failed in the most basic morality of your fellow man. If you cannot be faithful to the command of “love your neighbor” then you are no better than the guards who let infants and children live in filth and terror.Do not lecture me any more. Never.

Orlando Fact Check

Fact check: “We’ve ended the last administration’s cruel and heartless war on American energy. What they were doing to our energy should never be forgotten. The US is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world.”Reality: We have been #1 since 2013.

A Cancer on the Presidency

Trump flounts the law and then lies about what he did. We know that. He admits to a lot of it. But he also does not care. He operates under the Nixon assertion that if the President does it, it is not illegal.

D-Day: 75 Years Ago Today

Lady Liberty stands in New York harbor to tell the world that this bastion of freedom has its door open and that we stand against tyranny of any kind.Remember that on this 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Europe. We are the final defenders of freedom.

Abortion is Not Murder

The arguments are weak. The emotions are high. The tactics draconian. But that is where we are…sinking into a reproductive crisis where the rights of women suffer the most.

Game of Budgets

Logic seems to side only with the Democrats. As usual the governing philosophy of Republicans has nothing to do with logic or even meeting the real needs of our state. The GOP is always willing to keep kicking the can (which is seriously dented by now) down the road, while education and road repair continue their patch work methods of funding.