Trump was wrong on Stop and Frisk; let me count the ways

Among the many ways that Trump was wrong, or outright lied, in the first presidential debate was on Stop and Frisk – among many other topics. Stop an Frisk does not work, as well as being unconstitutional.   Trump knows, or should know, that to be true.  Instead he persists in defending the indefensible. The fourth […]

Is the RNCC Subliminal Message : Blame Rick Nolan for Zika

Elections 2016 Card with Bokeh Background

Before discussing the RNCC commercial “Comfortable”, a few Fun Facts : FunFact#1 : Sean Duffy (Republican Congressman representing Superior WI) when asked about his $174,000 annual salary “I drive a used minivan. If you think I’m living high off the hog, I’ve got one paycheck. So I..I struggle to meet my bills right now. FunFact#2 […]

Jason Lewis Attacks Women and Retirees in Labor Day Message


John Kline is appropriately proud of his wife, her career and her accomplishments : John and his wife, Vicky, live in Burnsville and have called the south metro home for nearly 20 years. After 20 years of active service in the Army, she returned to several civilian urgent care and trauma centers before officially retiring […]

Will Jason Lewis Refuse PAC Donations After Attacking Angie Craig ?


Honored to be endorsed by Congresswoman @cathymcmorris! #MN02 Full press release here: — Jason Lewis (@Jason2CD) August 24, 2016 Jason Lewis was gleeful that a prominent Republican actually endorsed him … “I am honored to have Rep. McMorris Rodgers’ endorsement in this race,” said Lewis. “We need more leaders like her who are […]

The Future of the GOP Illustrated in Coffman Campaign : Bashing Trump, Promoting Gridlock

Elections 2016 Card with Bokeh Background

In the current House of Representatives, “Republicans” hold 247 seats in the chamber to just 186 for Democrats, their largest advantage since 1931. That advantage has come about because of an effective marketing campaign against ObamaCare and the gerrymandering which GOP-controlled state legislatures performed after the 2010 red wave swept the party back into power […]

Trump Talks Education While House GOP pushes $1.3 Billion Cut


F.H. Buckley is a professor at George Mason Law School and the author of The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America writes : The most obvious barrier to mobility is a broken educational system. Our K­–12 public schools perform poorly, relative to the rest of the advanced world. As for our universities, they’re great […]