Mike McFadden to “Replace” John Kline in Congress ? Really ? ? ?


Anyone remember … Learn, Earn and Serve Star Tribune: "Mike McFadden's 'learn, earn, serve' motto fuels Senate campaign" http://t.co/8qG4ve0Mlu — Mike McFadden (@MikeForMN) October 5, 2014 OK … the Earn part is simple : According to a filing for his failed US Senate run, Mike McFadden was worth between 15 and 57 million dollars in […]

John (Loyal Obstructionist) Kline -vs.- Colin (Loyal Statesman) Powell


The DoNothing Congress has diddled away months and now faces another potential shutdown if they do not act … and rather than enacting appropriations bills on time, the House will likely pass another continuing resolution … but before that they apparently will be wasting time to vote on House Joint Resolution 64 : Disapproving of […]

Kline Paradox : Religious Freedom and Immigrants


There are a couple of bills flowing through the House involving the threat to religious freedom. For example, a concern that some business owners (i.e. a baker or florist) that serving same-sex couples would make them complicit in a relationship that they deem sinful, and so they demand a religious exemption. The logic : the […]