I usually get burned on this (especially 2016), but I forge ahead anyway because, heck, why not? It is only personal thoughts and what is going to happen is up to the fates at this point. So, let me get right to it. Nationally, the Democrats are going to take the House with about a […]

“A Sense of Duty”

We all remember “Sully” Sullenberger. The pilot who handled the “miracle on the Hudson”. He saved the lives of 155 people and did so with humble grace and leadership of the highest order. Sullenberger doesn’t engage much in the political realm. He shuns the partisan back and forth. But Donald Trump changed that this year […]

The Results for Lying

Trump lies. I know this is nothing new, but we seem to fail to understand the consequences of that. We have become desensitized to it. Trump lies. No big deal anymore. But it is a big deal. The President speaks for us. (at least in theory). And when the words of the President are not […]

Schizo OptiPessimism

I have been going through the entire spectrum of emotions over the last week. I get optimistic over the House; I get pessimistic over the House. I get excited about the Senate; I get depressed about the Senate. It is an endless cycle of rollercoaster feelings. November 6 cannot come fast enough. I try to […]

MN03 : Erik Paulsen Ignores Pleas to Protect ANWR

Did you catch Congressman Erik Paulsen’s first television ad promoting his support for protect “Mother Earth” (well, at least the Boundary Waters) ? Ya gotta wonder if the good folks at Alaska Wilderness Action saw that and thought for sure that he would respond favorably to their request Dear @RepErikPaulsen,Please pledge to protect our denning […]

Fiscal Fraud Erik Paulsen Warped Record : Lodging Expenses Explode

For years, the Paulsen public record was for the need for fiscal discipline, evoking the mantra “Washington needs do more with less.” National Debt is > $18 Trillion or > $157,000 per taxpayer. Washington needs to do more w/ less. #MathGuyMonday — Erik Paulsen (@Erik_Paulsen) December 14, 2015 That tweet was from 2015 and […]

Desperate or Disingenuous ? Paulsen Promotes His Healthcare Successes (???)

A Marist-NBC poll taken September 30th through October 4th reported what must have been alarming news for Minnesota’s Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen. Let’s ignore the polling done on the US Senate and Minnesota Governor’s races and focus on the issues that Minnesotans care about the most : 32% Healthcare 21% The economy and jobs […]


So according to Trump – men should NEVER admit to any kind of wrongdoing in regards to sexual assault or harassment. Apparently Al Franken was weak in that regard. Republicans reward denials and attack the women. And so far, it works…. At some point, there has to be a reckoning. This election in November is […]