Republican Bemoans Blacklisting As the GOP House Takes Its Fourteenth Women’s Health Vote – THIS YEAR !


Ignoring the fact that the Republican-controlled Congress has not approved appropriations funding for the new fiscal year which starts on Thursday, House Republicans took time to make their fourteenth Women’s Health vote (this year). And to mark the occasion, Tim Walberg (R-MI-07) announced “I’m wearing a pink tie in solidarity with women’s health issues.” Representative […]

Craig Pushes WAGE Act Hoping Chairman Kline Will Take Action


The power of the gavel … has empowered John Kline, the Great Obstructionist Powerbroker, to ignore legislation proposals that would help workers and their families. Yet, that has not stopped Angie Craig from announcing her support for H.R. 3514 The Workplace Action for a Growing Economy (WAGE) Act, which has 48 cosponsors and is awaiting […]

John Howe Comes Out Swinging in MN02 Congressional Announcement


Did you read in the Washington Examiner, Bill Jungbauer, who served for five years on the state Republican Party’s executive committee, said it was largely “uninformed voters” who supported John Kline ? Wow … but that wasn’t the only interesting quote in the paper. “John Kline was most well known for his arrogance and disinterest […]

Kline Responds to Obama changes to FAFSA and College Scorecard


If you saw this weekend’s Presidential Address, then you already know that the Obama administration launched College Scorecard, a website that compiles statistics about the costs and offerings of some 7,000 American colleges. The President is imploring high school students and parents to fill out the newly simplified Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) […]

Iran Deal Must Be Stopped Because Iran Attacked America on 9/11/01


Sure it’s easy for French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron to write an OpEd telling Congress not to reject the Iran deal, after they were not attacked on 9/11 — America was. And “we” know who was responsible for that … of course that includes the “well-informed” […]

Mike McFadden to “Replace” John Kline in Congress ? Really ? ? ?


Anyone remember … Learn, Earn and Serve Star Tribune: "Mike McFadden's 'learn, earn, serve' motto fuels Senate campaign" — Mike McFadden (@MikeForMN) October 5, 2014 OK … the Earn part is simple : According to a filing for his failed US Senate run, Mike McFadden was worth between 15 and 57 million dollars in […]