The Future of the GOP Illustrated in Coffman Campaign : Bashing Trump, Promoting Gridlock

Elections 2016 Card with Bokeh Background

In the current House of Representatives, “Republicans” hold 247 seats in the chamber to just 186 for Democrats, their largest advantage since 1931. That advantage has come about because of an effective marketing campaign against ObamaCare and the gerrymandering which GOP-controlled state legislatures performed after the 2010 red wave swept the party back into power […]

Trump Talks Education While House GOP pushes $1.3 Billion Cut


F.H. Buckley is a professor at George Mason Law School and the author of The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America writes : The most obvious barrier to mobility is a broken educational system. Our K­–12 public schools perform poorly, relative to the rest of the advanced world. As for our universities, they’re great […]

Could Cheney Fundraising Help Elect Darlene Miller ?


Whew … It’s finally here — July … yep, your email in-box will get a break from all those campaign fundraising emails … yet in the flurry, you may have missed the email from the Darlene Miller for Congress camp : Inbox: Darlene Miller fundraising plea headline calls Jason Lewis "fundamentally unelectable." #mngop #strongwords — […]

#MathGuy Paulsen Gets More Money For Defense Contractors


Gosh, does anyone remember when John Kline (R-MN-02) ranted on about “Dereliction of Duty” ? Congress Guilty of Dereliction of Duty May 26, 2010 This week, I delivered remarks to my colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives regarding Congress’ failure to produce a federal budget. Formulating a budget is the first step for any […]

Does Business Support Craig or Lewis on the Clean Power Plan ?


For those that do not know, Angie Craig is running to replace John Kline as Minnesota Second District Member of Congress. Angie is not a well known name … unless you are in the medical industry, affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary or American Heart Association. Her story is testament to hard work and […]

House Approves $73 Million Funding INCREASE As Erik Paulsen Won’t Accept a $25,035 Budget Cut For HIS STAFF


“With President Trump, I’m ready to get off defense and go on offense. Trump is going to slaughter some sacred cows, and I’m ready for the barbecue” Representative Brent Farenthold (R-TX-27) told the Austin American-Statesman. Tough words … but apparently that barbecue will not include funding for Representative Farenthold’s own staff … because he voted […]