Congressional Travel to Manila : Yes; Tel Aviv : Big Yes; Flint : No !


While the Senate is in session, the House continues in “recess” … supposedly in “District work sessions” … ya know, getting to talk issues with their constituents. Which makes you wonder who they have been talking to ? You may have seen the recent Strib story and OpEd about congressional travel … well, specifically, Erik […]

After Kenya Trip, Harris, Noem, Paulsen and Smith Should Sponsor H.R. 3706


During the first weekend of March, Irene Harris, Kassidy Noem and Cassie Paulsen visited three different locations in Kenya to see a wide range of local health programs impacting maternal and children health. They also meet with community members and government officials. Oh, don’t worry … they didn’t travel alone … they were joined by […]

ASSLAW , the new Scalia Law School

ASSLAW.  I did not make this up. I swear, I did not make this up. It appears to be a real name change, bought and paid for with conservative cash. ASSLaw is the abbreviation for Antonin Scalia School of Law, formerly known as George Mason Law. George Mason was a founding father of some distinction. […]

MN02 : Can Dems For Darlene delivery a GOP primary victory for Miller ?


John Kline, an establishment Conservative, has endorsed Darlene Miller to replace him representing Minnesota’s Second District and heeding his call is a new FACEBOOK account rallying Democrats to support her campaign. We need more Progressive Republicans to run for office! #MN02 #Dems4Darlene @SD51Republicans — Dems4DarleneMiller (@Dems4Darlene) March 17, 2016 The FACEBOOK page has a […]