Reagan Speaks the Truth While Kline Goes Silent

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John Kline, Minnesota’s silent politician best known for declining debates and holding public forums, was asked about the U.S. Export-Import Bank (which will shutdown if Congress does not act) : Second District Republican Rep. John Kline declined an talk by his spokesman. In an e-mail to a Star Tribune, Kline’s orator Troy Young pronounced it […]

MN Firefighters To The Rescue While DoNothing Congress Plans Vacation


The Minnesota Incident Command System is sending two 20-person attack firefighting crews to the Chiwaukum Creek fire near Levenworth, Washington that are threatening hundreds of homes. That’s what firefighters do … they help each other out. Congress on the other hand … what have they done to help the firefighters ? As previously mentioned on […]

McFadden Advertisement Misuses Kids


I recently saw a TV advertisement by McFadden, a creepy Minnesota politician. Republicans across the state should be going “ew” over the misuse of children in this ad. To make my point, let’s imagine the ad from another perspective. Picture ten little kids in a huddle around the coach. You can’t see their faces, just […]

Kline Surveys : What We Know

Kline press photo

The Kline for Congress campaign has paid $18,500 on April 22 and $28,000 on June 23rd to Public Opinion Strategies … a firm Minnesotans may know since Tom Emmer’s campaign also used their services in April. What the results of the surveys are secret … but Chairman Kline did request citizens to complete an online […]

Today’s Topic : Children; Speakers : Francis, Nugent, and Kline


From various news outlets, it appears Today’s Topic is Children … offering three different slants are Pope Francis, Representative Rich Nugent and Chairman John Kline. Let’s get the discussion going with a little “straight talk” … discussing immigrant children at the border : Richard Nugent, speaking as Florida’s Representative : “A lot of these children… […]

Kline Votes For “Ticking Time Bomb”

House of Representatives

“Listen, these are difficult decisions in difficult times in an election year,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH-08) said. “The long-term problem is still there and needs to be addressed.” QUERY : What was Speaker Boehner talking about ? A. ) Multiemployer pension system B. ) Student debt crisis C. ) Highway Trust Fund Actually, he […]

Kline to McFadden : “Obamacare needs to be sacked”


Have you seen the Mike McFadden $100,000 television commercial “Washington Is Fumbling Our Future“ ? Politics should be about substance, but Mike McFadden has offered up a great example of television … and marketing … and selling. Anyone who looks at the commercial will notice immediately that the players are in white (yep, the “good […]

Budget Buster : Kline Votes For $287 Billion Tax Cut Benefiting Nut-growers


As signer for Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge for Americans for Tax Reform, Minnesotans are accustomed to hearing John Kline complaining “of the onerous current tax code and the need for comprehensive, commonsense tax reform to create a fairer, simpler one. I remain committed to fixing our broken tax system and stopping more tax hikes […]