Kline Declares Funding Victory While NASA Claims Money


John Kline legacy is being written … and must be read through rose-colored glasses. Chairman Kline’s recent OpEd “All children deserve great education” ignores an area of public education that relies solely on the action (or inactions) of Congress. Yep, the Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee press release paints a picture that […]

How Erik Paulsen Can Guarantee Re-election : Spend More, Tax Less, Complain the Same


Washington's idea of a Christmas present: a 2,009 page #omnibus that rips off the taxpayer. #nc03 #ncpol pic.twitter.com/hvyZbePKXc — Rep. Walter Jones (@RepWalterJones) December 16, 2015 While you were watching the Republican Presidential candidates’ debate, Paul Ryan was finalizing the re-election of Erik Paulsen (as well as Tom Emmer and a host of other Members) […]

The Question Angie Craig Didn’t Answer On Almanac


On December 11th, TPT Almanac opened its couch to the DFL candidates vying to replace John Kline in the next Congress, and voters never heard the name John Kline mentioned once … which was quite a contrast from the October 28th program which featured the Republican candidates vying to replace John Kline in the next […]

Erik Paulsen Christmas Wishlist (are you on it ?)


There’s only eight days left before “Elf” Paulsen and the House head home for the Christmas holidays … and everyone is wonder what “presents” will Representative Paulsen be bringing home to Minnesota’s Third District. “Presents” are always appreciated, but we all know that somehow and at some time, these “presents” will have to be paid. […]

MN02 : A Bellwether Test For Republicans – Divorce Kline ?

an elephant

The rise of the “new” Republican Party can be attested in yesterday’s House vote on reforming No Child Left Behind … you remember NCLB was a John Boehner solution to George Bush’s campaign education reform pledge. After years (it technically expired in 2007) of congressional inaction, the House voted on “Every Child Succeeds Act” which […]

Angie Craig — Outperforming Republicans at their own game


The Republicans have a vision and a strategy but do they have a candidate to replace John Kline ? The vision is clear … just read Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future (a guidebook sure to please Wall Street) – begin the process of privatizing Social Security; – replace Medicare as we know it and […]