Gun Weary

When it comes to guns, I am weary. Weary about writing about them. Weary about hearing about them. Weary about expecting something to happen. I do not understand it. Despite all the attempts to make excuses and distract with nonsense, guns are clearly a problem in this country. And in this country alone. Citing incidents […]

I Don’t Need No Collusion

For all these reasons, we should assume that Donald Trump is closely connected to Russia, Russian influence, and a simple cozy, comfortable relationship with Russians and Russian leaders. Some people need more proof. I don’t.

Do As He Says

So, take him at his word. Ask these four women to fix conditions in the United States so that the country functions better and people get along with one another. And perhaps Mr. Trump can assist them by resigning.

The Followers of Trump

We no longer live in the America that seeks a more perfect union. That believes in equality and diversity. That wants to be a beacon to the world and an ally for democracy. We have lost that America because we have a President who gives voice to the worst in us. That gives credibility to the darkest emotions we normally resist.

Woe Unto You, Hypocrites!

Evangelicals are willing to compromise themselves for the sake of political expediency. Is that a religion of consistent faith? Is that a religion that stands on principle?

Religious Legislating

The Christian religion is not the founding principle for this country. A secular Constitution, which emphasizes and prohibits the dangers of state sponsored religion, is how we conduct the affairs of state.