Kline and Government Takeovers

by Dave Mindeman Congressman John Kline likes to use the word “government takeover” a lot.  In fact, anything the government proposes to fix or change is seen by Kline as a takeover of something. In the recently passed Federeal Health Care bill, there is a fix involving a taxpayer funded program involving student loans.   In […]

Congressional District Conventions

To find out what’s going on in Minnesota politics, think about attending some of the Congressional District conventions. Find a list of them with dates, times and locations at the MN DFL website. Click on “Find an Event” on the right side of the page. Today I’ll be attending the CD6 convention in Blaine. I […]

Kline and Paulsen Double-up on Healthcare Hysteria

The THREAT : From John Kline’s press release : “We discovered a loophole that leaves many young adults out of the reach of their parents’ insurance coverage – despite the president’s pledge that they will receive care today. We learned there is a gap in the law that allows insurance companies to continue denying care […]