Basic Questions – #1 Gay Rights?

OK – Let’s forget all the rhetoric. Stop all the back and forth. Set aside the talking points. Let’s ask some very, very basic societal questions and begin again. You can bring in the Constitution, your religious philosophies, and your political principles in answering them, but first, let’s just ask the basic questions.  Let’s start […]

Would You miss a Penny ? Or $10,000 ? Or $200,000

The simple answer is “it depends”. Depends on your needs, lifestyle, cause, return on investment, prestige, personal philosophy of money, etc.. But for many, it seems the answer may be based on if the money is a “tax” or a “choice” ? Dave Mindeman offers some interesting thoughts on how a penny in taxation contributed […]

Happy Thanksgiving, It’s April 15th !

After the morning rain let up, my bride and I took our annual trek to the Post Office as part of our civic duty to file our tax forms. It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk … and although it takes about just over an hour and a half, it’s cheap exercise and natural […]

Is John Kline’s Ambition Increasing?

MinnPost ran a curious article in its DC Dispatches about Congressman Kline. Here is what was said: Rep. John Kline is leading behind-the-scenes outreach efforts for Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Capitol Hill, as the prospective presidential candidate attempts to better introduce himself to members of Congress in advance for a possible 2012 run. Although these  […]