Minnesota Congressional District 2, photos, Dan Powers Endorsed

Dan Powers was endorsed on the second ballot today at the Minnesota Congressional District 2 convention.  Dan, who will take on John Kline this November, spoke from his heart and knew us all by name. There were blue Dan Powers shirts everywhere, and he energized the crowd by speaking our language. Everyone was there.  The […]

The Fox News Creed

. . First of all, let me thank the great people at Roundtable for the interview.  It was fun.  I never quite knew why the heck I got into the blogging business.  Now I do. I am also honored that I’ve been asked to be a guest writer here.  I’ll cross-post from time to time […]

Mario Piperni, Robama Hood, and Parchesi

Superblogger Mario Piperni (link) has allowed us to display “Robama Hood” on our left sidebar.  The image links to his site, and you should make the click.  His site is a Democrat funfest:  Amazing graphics abound, you can chat with Mario, and all the latest goodstuff is there. In honor of www.mnpoliticalroundtable.com‘s launch (and since I begged), he’s also allowing me an […]

The Roundtable Is UP and Running….

Hello everybody… Today we are making it official. The MN Political Roundtable is officially launched. We are a group of bloggers who wish to aggregate our thoughts on this one site. We will be talking about many issues. Our thoughts will be our own on an individual basis. Sometimes you will see discussions develop via […]

Congratulations to PZ Myers, Robert Erickson, and Neal Kielar

We took nominations for Minnesota’s top blogger here, and we voted here.  PZ Myers, Robert Erickson, and Neal Kielar are our top three, 2010 bloggers.  We’ll get the certificates out to you ASAP. Congratulations and certificates will also be sent to all nominees. Thanks for participating in our small, fun poll. And I see PZ […]

Our FB page already has cool fans

Hey, we’re looking for Facebook groupies.   If you want to find us, we’re here or you can click on that floaty thingy which says “Follow me” near the right scroll bar.   I notice we already have super cool fans!  23 of them!!!! No way!  Woot! I think that is where we’ll put photos and […]