The Merit Pay Fallacy

In their quest to demonize teacher unions across the country, conservatives have typically used two main issues with which to attack: teacher tenure and merit pay. The latter argument is presented as the union and its members simply not wanting to be evaluated based upon “merit“. Everyone else is evaluated based upon their merit, so […]

Palin/Bachmann, Thomas Jefferson, and Religion

by Dave Mindeman As the local news coverage saturates papers and the airwaves with everything remotely related to Palin or Bachmann, I get reminded ever more clearly about how much the political discourse is saturated with religion. And it is especially troubling the way Palin and Bachmann, and others who mix religion and politics, quote […]

Vikings Stadium? Oh, Sure, Why Not?

It is extremely disappointing to note that momentum for a Vikings stadium has again reared its ugly head. It is especially disappointing that Sen. Tom Bakk is in the middle of it. Here we are. The State of Minnesota in a hopeless budget crunch. Billions of dollars in red ink. Cuts to the poor looming […]

Did Kline promote Wellness at Anytime Fitness ?

When the word got out that John Kline (MN-02) would be meeting with franchise leaders at Anytime Fitness yesterday, it got me wondering what message he would offer : Two thoughts – one positive … and one negative. First, the recently enacted healthcare reform legislation has a number of programs to promote wellness. 2011: Provide […]