Miss Bush Yet? AM950 Radio Billboard

Driving to your cabin?  Making a run to Northern Minnesota?  Here’s at least one reason to stay awake for the ride.   AM950 Radio just launched a new billboard along Interstate 35 in Forest Lake. The new billboard answers George Bush’s question, ‘Miss Me, Yet?’ with a “No! You Nearly Bankrupted America.” AM950 Radio is […]

What’s Next, a Mandate that Minnesotans Watch TV ?

The Capitol Chat headline – Ethanol TV spots take on big oil – misses the obvious question …. How many Minnesota Tax Dollars are being spent for these television ads ? The background is that $2.5 million dollars are being spent to purchase advertising on “Larry King Live” and “Fox and Friends” for six 15-second […]

North Dakota has a better way

Paul Krugman’s recent column addresses the failure of banks, in part due to a proliferation of small banks which tended to be relatively small start-ups that attracted customers by playing to a specific community. Krugman’s warning is that bad behavior by small banks can do as much damage as misbehavior by a few financial giants […]