Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Standing Together

Today I received this memo from  Margaret Anderson Kelliher, DFL candidate for MN governor.  I believe it’s very important news.  (Plus, it includes this line: “For me, governing is not about scoring political points. It is about improving people’s lives.” GO MAK!) Here’s Margaret: I am honored to have earned the support of the DFL […]

Tim Penny Offers Advice for Voters (and Republicans)

QUERY : Did Norm Coleman, Dennis Frederickson. Steve Dille and Paul Koering wear a White hat, Black hat or the Wrong hat ? That question forms the basis of the advice offered by former First District Minnesota Congressman Tim Penny … Rule # 9 : Avoid Those Candidates With Partisan Tendencies As with most of […]

Vote: Annual Minnesota Blogger of the Year Award

It’s time for readers and peers to vote for Minnesota’s Blogger of the Year! On March 24th we asked for nominations, and now no further nominations are being accepted. We feel being nominated was quite an honor and congratulations if you were nominated!.  We’ll send out certificates to all who were nominated, but only three will […]