Thissen: Says We Can do Better for GAMC, Not Giving In To Pawlenty

Here’s a note from Paul Thissen’s Campaign: (Paul Thissen) voted against a cobbled-together, rushed cut to GAMC today because I know that in Minnesota, we can do better.  In this message, I included parts of my speech on the floor that fully explain why caving in to Governor Pawlenty is a mistake.  If you would […]

Annual Blogger of the Year Award

Update: 4/3/2010  We’re now voting over here (until 4/9/2010). Many Minnesotan bloggers work hard and never ask for much in return.  We’d like to start a new tradition, which is a poll about Minnesota’s best bloggers! We’ll allow you to pick one top blogger, but we’ll honor the top three bloggers by sending them a […]

Who is it?

You nail them all, you win. If you win, we’ll let you decide between choice A, B, and C. After you win I’ll link to the image as it currently resides on the web.

MN-02 John Kline’s Facebook Fan Page Comment Scrubbing?

There is a Facebook fan page called “304,059,724 against Obama’s Healthcare takeover.”  I clicked on it hoping that there were only 1200 fans, but the page had as of the writing of this piece 483,801 fans!  That is a lot of people.  Of course you need to take that with a grain of salt because […]