More Hagedorn Hype to Hoodwink MN01 Voters on Roads and Childcare

The July 24 Hagedorn Report from First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn is out … and while there are a lot in the headlines (President Trump suggesting that he would send 75,000 law enforcement personnel into American cities, the 7,262 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the First District, the expiring of Pandemic Extended Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) […]

After Bashing Canada, Emmer Faces a Closed Border (AGAIN)

Flashback to March 6th, MPR’s Kerri Miller featured Minnesota’s Sixth District Congressman Tom Emmer providing his assessment of the Covid-19 situation … Congressman Emmer wants us to be “hopeful” because the vaccine is closer than you think — “I heard it could be imminent” … “much sooner than a year” and that if the corona […]

HAGEDORN HYPE : Getting an Award for Opposing Lower Drug Prices

It’s been a while since my email box received an edition of the Hagedorn Report, but the July 17, 2020 email was quite illuminating into what Jim Hagedorn has done for Minnesota’s First District. First of all, let’s note that the official House calendar schedules the week of July 13th for Washington committee work … […]

Evolution and Jason Lewis

  For years, Minnesota’s Second District was represented by the “Gregarious Grandpa” John Kline … albeit with some complaints from a certain segment of the Republican Party (can’t forget when he got booed at a CD2 event as it was reported that “there was a good amount of people sitting down out of disapproval of […]

Statues Are Not People and Not History

Yeah, I do not mourn the statues coming down – even if some of the ones removed have questionable historical context. But statues are not teaching us any history. They do not speak to us in the present. They are a frozen moment in time.

The World is Complicated

The death of George Floyd and others in recent months has caused a national outbreak of protests and concerns about racial disparities in the US around police enforcement. .Recent articles in the news cover the rise in violence in our cities, often caused by gang conflict. The following information and discussion illustrates the fact that […]

MN Senate Republicans Interpret Police Reform

Majority Leader Paul Gazelka knows what is needed for police reform and he cannot understand why Democrats are not gleefully embracing their proposals… So what are they? In a late night video, Gazelka gave us a brief outline. Ban choke holds…except in an emergency situation.  Trump was floating this today as well and let’s just […]

Believe It Or Not : MN01 Jim Hagedorn proclaims Obama Green Energy program “essential” to quality of life in Southeast Minnesota

Yep, it’s the start of election season when incumbents hope voters forget their previous statements (and votes) and instead just appreciate funding for programs their communities want. Case in point … remember when Jim Hagedorn referred to green energy as “global warming extremism” … and remember one of his first votes in Congress was to […]