MN01 : Hagedorn MRA = Free Money

QUERY : What would you do with $210,668.38 ? The irony of Erik Paulsen proclaiming that “Washington must do more with less” was apparent when the House Administration released the Members Statement of Disbursements, and the taxpayers would see how much money that Congressman Paulsen spent on Franked Mail. { FYI Franked Mail … a […]

The Coronavirus – Panic? or No Big Deal?

Restaurants and recreation venues will be hit hard….and airlines could be severely damaged. What I find even more curious is that gold – normally an investment haven – is getting hammered as well. We are sitting on a precipice with a President who is basically “winging it”.

MN01 : Jim Hagedorn advocates for Beagle Brigades funding while speaking out against funding school lunch and Medicaid programs

“People should fend for themselves.”  That’s the takeaway from Minnesota’s First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s Fillmore County townhall event. That comment was in response to a constituent’s question about SNAP and 782 Fillmore County children getting kicked off the hot school lunch program. “We don’t want anyone to starve, we don’t want anybody to live […]

Republicans Define The Rule of Law Differently

What is there definition of “rule of law”? It appears to be, “whatever keeps us in power”. That is not a proper definition. Laws always have a purpose. You can change the ones you don’t like or repeal the ones that are no longer relevant. BUT YOU CANNOT IGNORE THEIR EXISTENCE!

It Is All On The Ballot

Yes, ALL of that is on the 2020 ballot. Every last piece of it. Our future has its handwriting on the wall. Four more years of Trump will essentially end this country as we have come to know it.