WHY is Erik Paulsen ignoring 380,195 MN Medicare participants ?

“Getting results for Minnesota seniors” is the claim … but 380,195 Minnesota participants in Medicare Cost Plans are losing their coverage … and while other members of the Minnesota delegation are trying to stop this, Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen is notably absent. A more accurate assertion is that “Erik Paulsen is getting results for […]

MN 2018: How Do The Races Look Right Now?

After that ghastly Trump/Putin “summit” meeting yesterday, it becomes more imperative than ever that Democrats organize to win in November….everywhere. So what is happening in Minnesota? Let’s take a look: First generally, I feel that the embrace of Trump by MN GOP will be their undoing…instead of turning red, they will be bleeding come the […]

MN03 Paulsen Gets His Way ~ Anonymity for his Dark Money Donors

The Bill : HR5053 Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act The Vote : 240 – 182 The Winners : Norm Coleman’s American Action Network, National Rifle Association, US Chamber of Commerce, Koch brother’s Americans For Prosperity, Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, and of course Republicans who want unlimited, anonymous, unaccountable money to pour into […]

MN03 Paulsen complains “We’re shooting ourselves in the foot” as Trump Tariffs impact Paulsen Portfolio and Israel

Minnesota’s Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen issued a press release concerning President Trump’s tariffs “Paulsen on 301 Tariffs: “We’re Shooting Ourselves in the Foot“. While other Republicans and Democrats are sponsoring legislation, Congressman Paulsen is issuing press releases ! Guts ??? Leadership ??? Nah … not with President Trump (and Erik Paulsen’s 97.7% Support-Trump voting […]

American Pravda

Fox News is the new American Pravda. The idea of state run media has been a necessary method of messaging for authoritarian regimes, and Trump is adopting the idea that he, alone, controls the media. Recently, in Europe, Trump refused a question from a CNN reporter, calling it “fake news” and moved to a Fox […]

After years of Paulsen “Washington Must Do More With Less”, Ryan wants more spending on CTE

Political spin was on display during retiring Speaker Paul Ryan’s visit to pump up the re-election campaigns of Second District Congressman Jason Lewis and Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen (highlights from the Star-Tribune) U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan visited several Twin Cities businesses Monday, touting tax cuts and technical careers while also talking up the […]

Abolishing ICE Is Not A Remedy

by Dave Mindeman I know that the idea of abolishing ICE is growing in progressive thought; I very much understand that but I do not agree with that concept. ICE is a law enforcement agency. It implements the policy it is told to enforce. ICE has been told to enforce a policy that is flawed […]

For Democrats: Ignore Trump- Back To Basics

Although Donald Trump is, to my estimation, the absolute worst President we have ever had, Democrats should not focus on him when it comes to their campaigns. The Minnesota Republican Party who embraced Marco Rubio during the primaries, is now a full throated Trump megaphone. The candidates have left no distance. The Party is the […]