Make America Hate Again

There are many reasons Vladimir Putin wanted Donald Trump to be president. Besides implementing many foreign policies that would benefit Russia internationally and economically, he wanted to support Trump’s ability to sow social disruption and conflict among and between social groups in the United States. And Putin knew that is exactly what Trump would do. […]

Mary Kiffmeyer – the Anti Senator

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer is really not a legislator or a Senator. She is just an opposer. It is almost hard to believe that once upon a time she was Minnesota’s Secretary of State. Hard to believe that she once oversaw our state elections, because she is not pro-voting, she is for restrictive voting. Somehow, Mary […]

It’s Complicated

As we watch Joe Biden try to figure out how to answer for himself….and as I think back to Al Franken, there has always been a few things that occur to me.

I Don’t Need No Collusion

Some people are still waiting for the full Mueller report to decide if there was any collusion with Russia in the 2016 election and if there was any obstruction of justice in the investigation. I’m not.

If You Are A “Real” Republican, Why Do You Support Trump?

The Republicans I used to know, long ago, would never support Trump. Never. I don’t care what you call yourselves – Reagan Republican, Lincoln Republican, Libertarian Republican, Small Government Republican, Conservative…whatever. Trump is none of those. So why are you still supporting this cancer on democracy?