2018 Minnesota Primary – Thinking Out Loud Again

Yesterday’s primary had a lot of moving parts – and we need to examine the whys and hows. The revelations on Lori Swanson regarding her use of staff for campaigns sank this campaign. She faded quickly as results came in. She still won up on the range, but she was a very distant third in […]

With Karin Housley, “What do you have to lose?”

Ya gotta love the closing arguments made as Election Day approaches … Remember in 2008, when Norm Coleman was being portrayed as a moderate Republican gatekeeper, suggesting that he would be positioned to provide “a check on Democratic excesses and pull policy to the center”. Of course that was when the Democrats were in charge […]

MN02 Jason Lewis Talks to Farmers (Facts Optional)

Forget FarmFest where thousands of family farmers and agricultural businesses (and candidates for elective office) go every year … the place to go is to the Goodhue County Fair where attendees were able to hear Congressman Jason Lewis participate in a roundtable discussion (August 8th) featuring Naomi Kvittem, a dairy advocate from Zumbrota, former dairy […]

Thoughts As We Approach The Primary

I’m just going to give some general political musings in this post. Take them as personal observations – any appearance of endorsement is just my own personal opinion. In other words don’t read too much into it. Once the primary is over on the Democratic side, I plan to work for the winners. Period. But […]

MN03 Erik Paulsen : Focused on Keeping Fentanyl Off Our Streets by 2022; Ignoring 3D Printed Guns

The MN Political Roundtable is always impressed with Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen’s ability to focus on non-controversial issues while ignoring the controversial … as well as promoting long-range solutions for the non-controversial instead of attacking urgently needed problems. Other politicians just can’t do that … they believe that Congress can do more. Take Senator […]

Thank Erik Paulsen IF your weekly paycheck went UP $97.71

Want help with your 2019 tax filing ? Well, the man to see is Norm Coleman … just ask Erik Paulsen ! There are only 100 Days until Election Day. Over those 100 Days we'll give you 100 reasons to vote for Erik Paulsen. Today's reason to vote for Erik: Tax Reform. The average 3rd […]

Democrats are the Real Champions of Rural Minnesota

Democrats are always on the defensive when it comes to rural or outstate Minnesota. And I fail to see why that should be. There is this misperception that Democrats only represent urban Minnesota. And granted, since the bulk of the population are city dwellers, it is only natural to devise programs that fit that large […]

How Much Longer Can Erik Paulsen Ignore Sexual Assault ?

On July 24, 2018, Minnesota’s Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen went to the House floor to give a brief speech about efforts to combat human sex trafficking in advance of World Day Against Trafficking. Sex Trafficking has been issue that Erik Paulsen has spoken, written, offered legislation and claimed credit when enacted (related commentaries Jan […]