Apology, My Ass!

All of it, in total, looks like a classic Russian intervention. Mueller says, Trump did not collude. Well, he knew about it and he sure as hell didn’t stop it.Apology for thinking there was something wrong here? Apology, my ass!

Thoughts About The Mueller Report

Our President’s judgment is clearly in question here. His actions, his responses, his tendencies are all on display here. And given what we know about his policies, the question of re-electing this person is certainly in doubt.

It’s This Simple

The more critical question is: does Russia have something on Trump, or connections with Trump, that would make Americans concerned. Of course. That is why he has refused to release his taxes. He is hiding something….very harmful to him. Every presidential candidate in modern history has released their taxes. Trump still refuses, even after he said he would when the “audit” was completed.

The Mueller Investigation – It Continues

t is important to note that we have not seen the entirety of what Mueller submitted. The devil (not a metaphor for Trump) will almost certainly be in the details. But those details could change everything. At the very least, it will give Congressional investigators a road map for how to proceed

A Disgusting Situation

To have the President of the United States insult and denigrate a past presidential candidate, a past war hero who spent many years as a prisoner of war, a man who served his country faithfully in the military service as well as public service as a senator, a man who worked with people from all factions to serve the constituents of our country, a man who bravely fought cancer and continued to fulfill his duty to his work, goes beyond any notion of decency and integrity.

President Trump Has A Very High IQ

There is little doubt. Listen to the words of President Trump. Watch his actions. It is clear that he has a high IQ. Mr. Trump, even though he refused to serve his country, dodged the draft, and failed to join the military, said that he knew more about war than the military generals. Despite opposition […]

Ilhan Omar: Shaking Things Up

Rep. Omar will continue to garner attention and that is a good thing. But she also needs to examine how her message is made public. She cannot continue to make herself the distraction…and I think she knows that. 

Crimes In Plain Sight

Donald Trump is a hood, a mobster, a cheat, a fraud, a criminal, and a liar. We don’t need the Mueller report. The criminal behavior is right in front of us. Impeachment is not a criminal endeavor; it is a political one. And a President can be impeached without an evidentiary “smoking gun”. But Donald […]