Anti-Vaxxers….Dangerous Ideas

Recently at a Legislative Town Hall there was a coordinated effort to bring the idea that vaccines are dangerous to the attention of MN legislators. It was performance art and devoid of rationality. As a retired pharmacist, this raises all sorts of red flags. And unless we properly educate the public, I fear that we […]

The Case for Legalizing Marijuana

During a press conference that talked about the dangers of marijuana, an argument ensued about police tactics in enforcing marijuana laws. And a woman who wanted to talk about her son getting killed in a car accident by a driver who was high was shut down from speaking. It was a somewhat raucous news conference. […]

The Cost Of Having Trump As President

As the government sits in shutdown, there is very little evidence that Trump has any idea of the pressure he is putting on our economy. In fact, his policies across the board are forcing this economy into a massive slowdown, if not an eventual full out recession. This shutdown will lower GDP. Trump won’t see […]

10 Things I’d Like to See in 2019 Minnesota

Legalize Marijuana – Legalizing marijuana serves several real life purposes. First, it reduces the unnecessary incarceration of people for a comparatively minor offense. Second, it reduces some of the African-American disparities in those incarceration rates. Third, it gives people with chronic pain a reasonable alternative to opioids. Fourth, it provides an economic boost for agriculture.  […]

The cost to our conscience : Trump, Lee, and Enzi ignore Blue Water Vets pleas (while Blumenthal vows to carry on regardless of Trump Shutdown)

The MN Political Roundtable has written many commentaries advocating for veterans health care as they, and their families, confront the impacts of Agent Orange … and with President Trump mantra — “I don’t think anybody’s been more with the military than I” — and a Republican-controlled Congress, this was the 115th Congress that would provide […]

Will Congress Forego Bonus Payments During Trump Shutdown ?

President Donald J. Trump has promised to “take the mantle” and be “proud” for funding lapses during the latest government shutdown. And that funding lapse has caused some “image” concern in the political class. And as in the past, some Members are already alerting their constituents that they are requesting that their pay be withheld. […]

The Wall

The rhetoric that seems to follow this convoluted wall discussion gets crazier by the day.  And now the entire functioning of government is being held hostage for wall funding. Let’s remember how we got here. Candidate Trump insisted throughout the campaign in 2016 that he would build a wall and GUARANTEED us that Mexico would […]

Suicide : Emmer’s Hype and Trump’s Failure

You’ve heard his words before … As a candidate for President, I promised to make reforming the VA one of my absolute highest priorities. In every generation there have been heroes like them, patriots who answer the call to serve, who do whatever it takes, wherever and whenever we need them to defend America.  They […]

Sometimes ‘I Don’t Know’ Is Just A Right Answer

I don’t know. Sometimes that is the correct and proper answer to some questions. We always want to know what we can, but to substitute what you want to be the answer, as the real one, is often divisive and foolish. Take abortion for example. Some religious people are certain they are correct – that […]