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MN02 Jason Lewis Talks to Farmers (Facts Optional)

Forget FarmFest where thousands of family farmers and agricultural businesses (and candidates for elective office) go every year … the place to go is to the Goodhue County Fair where attendees were able to hear Congressman Jason Lewis participate in a roundtable discussion (August 8th) featuring Naomi Kvittem, a dairy advocate from Zumbrota, former dairy […]

Will Jason Lewis Refuse PAC Donations After Attacking Angie Craig ?

Honored to be endorsed by Congresswoman @cathymcmorris! #MN02 Full press release here: https://t.co/xgJU3jPdLQ pic.twitter.com/Bnx05hlQlZ — Jason Lewis (@Jason2CD) August 24, 2016 Jason Lewis was gleeful that a prominent Republican actually endorsed him … “I am honored to have Rep. McMorris Rodgers’ endorsement in this race,” said Lewis. “We need more leaders like her who are […]

WI06 : Glenn Grothman Has a Problem With Women in Congress (or maybe just women)

Yesterday, the House held lengthy discussions about troop levels (featuring Tim Walz (D-MN-01) and H.R.4534 – POSTURE Act – “Protecting Our Security Through Utilizing Right-Sized End-Strength Act of 2016”) and the failure of the Republicans to fulfill their April 15th budget approval due date … but those were just floor discussions … no votes. But […]

John Kline and Erik Paulsen Unite to Vote Against BioFuels Hurting Department of Defense Program

Who should Congress listen to … national security experts or Big Oil ? Operation Free, a coalition of veterans and national security experts contend that oil dependence and climate change pose threats to national security … so it is that yesterday’s vote related to the Department of Defense’s Advanced Drop-In Biofuels Production Project is so […]

John Kline Redefines Minorities – Pushes $269 Billion Tax Cut for 0.2% Americans

Before House took its April recess, the focus was on the FY2016 budget … as we know, John Kline supported the Republican Study Committee’s Blueprint for a Balanced Budget. That plan lowering non-defense discretionary spending to $405 billion in FY16, which is less than the Republican-controlled Budget Committee requested ($493.5 billion). That budget proposal failed […]