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MN-02 : If not Powers, then who?

Like the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team going to the Rose Bowl, it seems like forever since Democrats in the Minnesota’s Second District have had a winner. The key is recruiting … Dan Powers has announced his third attempt to represent the District, which has not been met with resounding cheers on MN Progressive Project […]

DFL Congressional District 2’s Best Candidates, CD2’s best foot forward

Minnesota’s Congressional District 2 is touting its best (see literature in the image, or here’s the file).  I firmly believe truth is arrived at by consensus, and these candidates were picked by groups deciding what is our best foot forward this 2010 campaign season. Margaret Anderson Kelliher (and John Gunyou), Mark Ritchie, Rebecca Otto, Lori […]

CD2’s Dan Powers is committed to working on behalf of children and families

What’s happening in Minnesota’s Congressional District 2, home of John Kline, the guy who votes against helping veterans, against helping the unemployed, and against campaign finance disclosure?  Dan Powers is happening. Dan Powers recently sent an e-mail in which he shares his values and goals, which match mine and so I’m glad for his candidacy: […]

How Many Hornets Do Minnesota Taxpayers Want ?

As the Minnesota legislative session was coming to an end, there were a number of soul-searching votes that we entrusted our elected officials to make. We hope they vote in “our” interest and not just following party leaders’ instructions. Reviewing those votes, I was struck by an authorization that was easily approved by the Minnesota […]