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MN-03: WWJD ~ Paulsen Ignores Simpson’s Request ?

Mike Simpson, a Republic from Idaho, in concert with Heath Schuler, a Democrat from North Carolina, have reached out to their colleagues and collected agreement to “Go Big” to address America’s fiscal situation … including TAXES. 100 concerned Members of the House of Representatives have sent a letter to the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction […]

CD2’s Dan Powers is committed to working on behalf of children and families

What’s happening in Minnesota’s Congressional District 2, home of John Kline, the guy who votes against helping veterans, against helping the unemployed, and against campaign finance disclosure?  Dan Powers is happening. Dan Powers recently sent an e-mail in which he shares his values and goals, which match mine and so I’m glad for his candidacy: […]

Abortion Talk: Teeter-tottering between the uber left, rad right

I believe our founding fathers didn’t have any intent to include women, blacks, gays etc. when they penned our Declaration of Independence or our US Constitution. Let’s admit it, they were thinking in exclusive terms when they talked about “life,” “liberty,” “happiness” and “equality.”  And because of their common law pedagogy, we’ve struggled for years […]