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Thoughts As We Approach The Primary

I’m just going to give some general political musings in this post. Take them as personal observations – any appearance of endorsement is just my own personal opinion. In other words don’t read too much into it. Once the primary is over on the Democratic side, I plan to work for the winners. Period. But […]

A Story About Why Dems Lose Elections

Let me tell you a story about the DFL convention that gives you one of the reasons why we seem to put too many elections at risk. Erin Murphy won the endorsement from the State DFL for the governor’s race. She went into the convention without a choice for Lieutenant Governor. Fine. She wanted to […]

MN-GOV : How Much Did MN-GOP Help Dayton ?

Although the election turnout was pathetic, as in any election the only question is “who” shows up to vote ? Assuming that DFLers were serious about selecting their candidate, was there any mischief generated by MN-GOP cross-over voters ? The August 10th election had three types of contests – those that were non-partisan elections, non-competitive […]

MN-GOV : A Clear Winner for the DFL

While the election results are still being tabulated, for the DFL there is a clear winner – APATHY. Kerry Miller had Marty Seifert, who lost to Tom Emmer at the endorsing Republican endorsing convention, on MPR’s Mid-Morning program to discuss the primary election results and what to look for in November. Mr. Seifert stated that […]