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Kline and Kansas

In 2010, the voters of the entire state of Kansas made a mistake in who they elected to the office of Governor. In 2011, he came into office and began implementing his policies, in cooperation with a Republican legislature.  The result?  Credit rating agencies like Moody’s took a dim view, per the Wichita Eagle: Moody’s […]

U.S. Flag Day

Today is Flag Day 2014

As a blogger I am fascinated by what we know, and what we think we know; between actual history and what we think we know of history.  It is not really quite the Betsy Ross version we are led to believe. I like the history of our holidays, major and minor. So in honor of […]

The Roundtable’s new website layout

Mnpoliticalroundtable.com, mostly manned by MN Central, sometimes manned by MnPact.org‘s Dave Mindeman, and then womanned by Dog Gone and Holly Cairns on the rare occasion, has a new look. MN Central, who uses a pseudonym (and no, I don’t know who he is) often writes from an Independent perspective but agrees with us other writers […]

Mitt Romney is an owner of Bain;
Bain is the owner of Clear Channel;
Clear Channel is the Syndicator / broadcaster of the Rush Limbaugh Show…

Ol’ Mitts full O’Money SAYS he likes to fire people, just like Donald Trump. How bad does Limbaugh have to be, how many sponsors does he have to lose, before that happens?  How low does he have to go to end up like weepy crazy Glenn Beck?  Read on! (cross posted from Penigma.blogspot.com)  I found […]

5 More Victims of Gun Violence, and the Role of WalMart

  Monday, February 27, 2012 Update to Another School Shooting with Multiple Victims, 1 dead, 4 wounded, Possibly Multiple Shooters   Kids learn from what they see about how to deal with their emotions, with conflicts, with impulses, and they learn violence from the adults in their environment, including media. Events like this result from […]

Not Part of the Regular Field Trip

We have a lot of legislation pending that would expand gun use and gun carry, notably the offensively titled ‘Shoot First’ legislation that would make it more excusable for people to shoot other people first, and ask questions afterwards, instead of before shooting, and instead of avoiding shooting. We have more open and concealed carry […]