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Earth Day Across the Globe Earthday.org

Happy Earth Day! Hopefully today you’ll visit Earthday.org which has been accepting photo-testimonials of climate change.  Here’s a Mongolian seventh grader: In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia seventh graders at a local international school took part in an environmental education program for The Face of Climate Change.  The program was aimed at promoting awareness about the effects of climate change […]

Earth Day : The Politicalization of the California Drought, Great Lakes and the War on Coal

Happy Earth Day ! Earth Day, the child of Gaylord Nelson, the “Conservation Governor” of Wisconsin, who as a US Senator help shepherd in the first Earth Day in 1970. Senator Nelson was the catalyst for important environmental protection legislation: the Clean Water Acts, the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Federal Pesticides Act, […]

Earth Day Opens a New Window to the World : JOBS

The first celebration of Earth Day was forty years ago when an estimated 20 million Americans—from 10,000 elementary and high schools, 2,000 colleges, and over 1,000 communities – promoted environmental awareness. Today, we can look back and think that nothing has changed … but it has. One of the catalysts of the Earth Day awareness […]

Kline on Earth Day

by Dave Mindeman Back in July of 2009, Congressman Kline penned an op-ed piece about the proposed Cap and Trade legislation. There are couple of things about that piece that are relevant as we celebrate Earth Day on this April 22nd. First, a minor point but goes to relevancy, (as my lawyer wife might say): […]