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Kline Declares Funding Victory While NASA Claims Money

John Kline legacy is being written … and must be read through rose-colored glasses. Chairman Kline’s recent OpEd “All children deserve great education” ignores an area of public education that relies solely on the action (or inactions) of Congress. Yep, the Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee press release paints a picture that […]


Kline Champions Bill Awarding Posthumous Pardon While Ignoring 9/11 First Responders Healthcare

Why did John Kline include in the #NCLB reform bill a posthumous pardon for boxer "Jack" Johnson ? Any body read this bill before voting ? — Mac (@McPhersonHall) December 2, 2015 The press release was expected : House Passes Legislation Kline Champions to Replace No Child Left Behind John Kline repeatedly issues press releases stating […]

John Kline, Lamar Alexander

Pillars of a New Majority : John Kline Rubber-stamp Committee Approves NCLB Reform

John Kline’s legacy is being written (and he is all smiles) … A legacy based on fighting House Democrats “management” style … one that Republicans promised would change when voters returned them to the majority … offering “Pillars of a New Majority”. Over the course of her tenure, Speaker Pelosi has consolidated authority, abusing the […]


Kline Responds to Obama changes to FAFSA and College Scorecard

If you saw this weekend’s Presidential Address, then you already know that the Obama administration launched College Scorecard, a website that compiles statistics about the costs and offerings of some 7,000 American colleges. The President is imploring high school students and parents to fill out the newly simplified Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) […]