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Asking the $86,000 Question

Tom Emmer offered some interesting observations during the campaign … – We live in a world where spending beyond our means is not an option – The elimination of wasteful government spending starts with the elected officials who are the watchdogs of the state taxpayer dollar – Put the people first – not government bureaucracies, […]

MN-GOV : Emmer Wants to Cut Doctor’s Taxes

Tom Emmer’s stump speech is so familiar : “It’s not the time to increase taxes to preserve the growth of government. It’s time to reduce taxes, streamline government and free the entrepreneurial spirit that is in Minnesota to start creating jobs.” Yet, what does he mean ? Whose taxes will be reduced ? On Friday, […]

MN-GOV : Trade Missions

At some time, every parent must sit down with their child and have a frank discussion about Santa Claus … when will the candidates for Minnesota Governor have a frank discussion with the voters about Trade Missions ? Governors view part of the job as being the cheerleader for the state … promoting tourism, trade, […]

MN-03 : Is Spending Less an Honest Solution ?

It seams that there are a lot of angry people out there. No, not the ones fighting over “burn’in” or “building” … no, I am sensing a real anger being represented through the newspaper editorial boards. The anger is being expressed based on the unwillingness by candidates to responsibly discuss fiscal positions in anything other […]

MN-GOV : What’s A Small Business ?

Have you heard the MN Forward television commercial pleading with voters to support Tom Emmer to be Minnesota’s next Governor ? Did you catch the part about Mr. Emmer being a “small businessman” ? In the spirit of MadMen, what is the advertising agency trying to sell here ? The commercial portrays Mr. Emmer as […]