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Taco Tuesday with a little Paulsen Spin

Excitement for #TaxCutsAndJobsAct continues is a central theme for Erik Paulsen’s re-election … as he tweets about various companies who have made various announcements that the GOP wants voters to be believe would not have happened without their signature accomplishment. As such, the MN Political Roundtable will be evaluating some of these claims and offering […]

Connect The Dots : “Jared Kushner Circle” to Jason Lewis, Erik Paulsen, and so many more

As former Senator James Abourezk wrote, “I can tell you from personal experience that the support Israel has in the Congress is based completely on political fear — fear of defeat by anyone who does not do what Israel wants done.” [Sidenote : substitute “NRA” for “Israel” and you understand why Congress refuses to address […]

MN03 : PhotoOp Erik Paulsen Copies Kline While Avoiding Trump

It’s February 2018 … but you might think it is February 2014 … let’s refer to this MN Political Roundtable discussion : In February, the “gregarious Grandpa” invited 400 people to celebrate his “Stars of the North” presenting Congressional Certificates of Special Recognition “One of my greatest honors is the chance to recognize the generosity […]