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MN03 Erik Paulsen Rushing Pension Reform Legislation Through House

Shades of 2014 … a Minnesota Congressman promotes success of human trafficking legislation as reason for another term, then in the lame duck session inserts pension reform legislation into “must-pass” end-of-year bill that threatens pensioners … who do not realize the impacts until long after Election Day. In 2014, it was the “Gregarious Grandpa” John […]

MN03 Fiscal Fraud Erik Paulsen Gets Award as Taxpayers get stuck with $320,767,790 bill

Whatever happened to Minnesota’s self-proclaimed “Math Guy” … you know the one that was concerned about the national debt and preaching that government must do what Minnesota families must do — live within their means. Our debt crisis is a legitimate threat to our Nation’s security and our future. A nation that does not control […]

MN03 Paulsen complains “We’re shooting ourselves in the foot” as Trump Tariffs impact Paulsen Portfolio and Israel

Minnesota’s Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen issued a press release concerning President Trump’s tariffs “Paulsen on 301 Tariffs: “We’re Shooting Ourselves in the Foot“. While other Republicans and Democrats are sponsoring legislation, Congressman Paulsen is issuing press releases ! Guts ??? Leadership ??? Nah … not with President Trump (and Erik Paulsen’s 97.7% Support-Trump voting […]

After years of Paulsen “Washington Must Do More With Less”, Ryan wants more spending on CTE

Political spin was on display during retiring Speaker Paul Ryan’s visit to pump up the re-election campaigns of Second District Congressman Jason Lewis and Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen (highlights from the Star-Tribune) U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan visited several Twin Cities businesses Monday, touting tax cuts and technical careers while also talking up the […]