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Foreign Aid and Free Trade

Rick Perry made an interesting observation during the CBS/National Journal debate : The foreign aid budget in my administration for every country is gonna start at zero dollars. Zero dollars. And then we’ll have a conversation. Then we’ll have a conversation in this country about whether or not a penny of our taxpayer dollar needs […]

MN-03: WWJD ~ Paulsen Ignores Simpson’s Request ?

Mike Simpson, a Republic from Idaho, in concert with Heath Schuler, a Democrat from North Carolina, have reached out to their colleagues and collected agreement to “Go Big” to address America’s fiscal situation … including TAXES. 100 concerned Members of the House of Representatives have sent a letter to the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction […]


MN-03 : Would 300,000 Protest Cottage Cheese ?

During Erik Paulsen’s AIPAC-paid trip to Israel, he blogged an off-hand remark about domestic protests implying that the citizens concerns had waned Just before my arrival there was domestic protests that began over objections to the high cost of cottage cheese and housing. I understand that up to 250,000 people were protesting at once. But […]

MN-03 : Paulsen Finds a Better Place in Israel

Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) is continuing his blogging for TCJewFolk (and getting some interesting reader comments) concluding his Day Three report as follows : Ended the evening having dinner with Israelis from different walks of life, including someone who works for Better Place, the electric car company founded in 2008. They’ve teamed up with Renault to […]

MN-03 : Paulsen Forgets Who Paid for Kipat Barzel

Erik Paulsen is on another trip to Israel. Mr. Paulsen visited the country November 11-15, 2009, but this trip is being paid for by the America-Israel Education Foundation, an affiliate of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). This trip includes Mr. Paulsen, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA-08) and Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA-06), […]

Kline, Paulsen, Wilson Get Second Chance

“Soon-To-Be-President 2016” Tim Pawlenty has opted to terminate his campaign for the 2012 contest. As such, his endorsed sponsors will be free to offer a new endorsement … admittedly, in what would be considered a small group but includes three prominent Republicans … Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC-02) “Governor Pawlenty is the best man to get […]