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Negative. That is the only description one can provide for the ads coming from the US Republican House and the MN House Republican caucus. I have been looking for them to tout any accomplishments…still waiting. A few days ago, they were beginning to talk about how they decreased health care premiums, except they forget to […]

Thoughts As We Approach The Primary

I’m just going to give some general political musings in this post. Take them as personal observations – any appearance of endorsement is just my own personal opinion. In other words don’t read too much into it. Once the primary is over on the Democratic side, I plan to work for the winners. Period. But […]

Republican Dream Land. Kick heels now.

It’s funny how things work in Minnesota. I stuck my head out the door about three weeks ago and noticed Minnesota’s teacher union, Education Minnesota, was taking quite a bashing. The union isn’t Republican or Democrat friendly. It’s kid and teacher friendly. Teachers come together to see what will best help kids, and how they […]