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MN03 : A Good Question with a Questionable Answer

Apparently, Congressman Erik Paulsen didn’t get any letters asking him “good questions” last week, because he did not issue a Correspondence Corner posting … but that doesn’t mean that there are not “good questions” that he could have answered… like from Dennis from Eden Prairie who asked WCCO (highlights below) : Good Question: What Health […]

MN02 Jason Lewis Votes To Allow Gender-based Healthcare Pricing

On January 24, a group of Northfield concerned citizens visited the just-opened Burnsville office of Congressional Second District Representative Jason Lewis to discuss the future of healthcare. From the Joan Janusz letter to The Northfield News : Repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as ObamaCare, without a replacement is irresponsible. Lewis’ District Director, […]

MN02 Republican Debate How Bad ObamaCare Is

John Kline’s legacy of bashing of ObamaCare is something that apparently will live on based on the recent Republican candidates’ debate … regardless of reports of how many people it has helped. Doesn’t matter if the number is 38,000 or 63,648 or even 73,484, it seems that the Republicans are focused on getting rid of […]

John Kline Talks KlineCare Acknowledging 4-5 Million People Will Be Impacted and Ignoring 35% Premium Increase

If you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal then you have the advantage of reading John Kline’s (along with fellow Republicans Paul Ryan and Fred Upton) OpEd “An Off-Ramp From Obamacare” … but if you are not a subscriber, your shut out from learning what KlineCare has to offer for you. Fortunately, the National Journal […]

KlineCare : PhRMA Gets Tax Cut; Seniors Pay More

Announcing his vote to repeal ObamaCare, John Kline wrote : We’ve tried the Presidents’ government-run health care scheme for nearly five years, It is clear our country deserves better. As Congress continues to rightfully scrutinize this fundamentally flawed law, I will continue to fight for Minnesotans toward the ultimate goal of a patient-centered system.” So […]

Written Words Refute Kline Verbal Claim of Support for Save American Workers Act

Chairman John Kline spoke passionately for the need to approve H.R. 30 Save American Workers Act …. Passionate – YES. Disingenuous YES ! ! ! Heck, even Congressman Todd Young (R-IN-09) appears to be chuckling at Chairman Kline’s comments as he expressed his concerns for “some of the Nation’s largest labor unions” specifically, the International […]