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John Kline Talks KlineCare Acknowledging 4-5 Million People Will Be Impacted and Ignoring 35% Premium Increase

If you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal then you have the advantage of reading John Kline’s (along with fellow Republicans Paul Ryan and Fred Upton) OpEd “An Off-Ramp From Obamacare” … but if you are not a subscriber, your shut out from learning what KlineCare has to offer for you. Fortunately, the National Journal […]


KlineCare : PhRMA Gets Tax Cut; Seniors Pay More

Announcing his vote to repeal ObamaCare, John Kline wrote : We’ve tried the Presidents’ government-run health care scheme for nearly five years, It is clear our country deserves better. As Congress continues to rightfully scrutinize this fundamentally flawed law, I will continue to fight for Minnesotans toward the ultimate goal of a patient-centered system.” So […]


Written Words Refute Kline Verbal Claim of Support for Save American Workers Act

Chairman John Kline spoke passionately for the need to approve H.R. 30 Save American Workers Act …. Passionate – YES. Disingenuous YES ! ! ! Heck, even Congressman Todd Young (R-IN-09) appears to be chuckling at Chairman Kline’s comments as he expressed his concerns for “some of the Nation’s largest labor unions” specifically, the International […]


ObamaCare : Nothing was lost, but much was gained so why does Kline want to repeal it

The recent announcement that PreferredOne was not going to participate in the MNsure program brought the expected bashing by those opposed to the Affordable Care Act. Then there was the announcement of the expected rates changes … which brought the expected questioning of the overall rate change and bashing of the program. Let’s ignore those […]


Should PreferredOne Been Booted Off MNsure ?

The news that low-cost provider PreferredOne was pulling itself out of the MNsure exchange has caused some degree of concern for some shoppers. But should it ? Think of PreferredOne as you would think of other consumer products … after all, that’s what they are … they just provide a “menu” of services that are […]