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House Republicans Overwhelmingly Vote For Age Tax

To no one’s surprise, the House voted to allow insurance companies to sell products across state lines. Yeah, you’ve heard Republicans profess this to be the answer to rising healthcare costs … yet, they never mention that it was House Democrats who have long supported a full repeal of McCarran- Ferguson’s antitrust exemption for ALL […]


MN02 Jason Lewis Votes To Allow Gender-based Healthcare Pricing

On January 24, a group of Northfield concerned citizens visited the just-opened Burnsville office of Congressional Second District Representative Jason Lewis to discuss the future of healthcare. From the Joan Janusz letter to The Northfield News : Repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as ObamaCare, without a replacement is irresponsible. Lewis’ District Director, […]


95.4% of Minnesotans Disprove John Kline Claim That ObamaCare is Flawed

John Kline seems to be on a holy mission … it’s painfully obvious the American people deserve better. That is why I will continue to be laser-focused on solutions that will help lower health-care costs, expand access, protect patients, encourage job creation and, ultimately, protect Minnesotans and all Americans from the unfortunate consequences of Obamacare. […]


Another Report Refutes Paulsen Claim ~ Yep, there are Job Gains in the Medical Device Industry

Readers of the Sun Post will recall Congressman Erik Paulsen’s December 2, 2012 warning of “dramatic jobs losses” in the medical technology industry due to Obamacare : Over the past two years, news headlines have highlighted thousands of jobs being eliminated from this dynamic industry: 1,050 from Stryker, 1,000 from Medtronic, 700 from Abbot, 595 […]