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Jason Lewis Defends TrumpEstablishment on CNN

The April 2nd, CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper broadcast featured Minnesota Second District Congressman Jason Lewis … and it’s a good thing it wasn’t broadcast on April 1st because viewers might have thought they were being “punked”. The program started with a discussion of Flynn-Nunes-Russia story, followed by separate interviews with Jim […]

Will H.R. 1809 Be Key to Jason Lewis Re-election ?

It’s a scenario we have seen before … the Republican-controlled House infighting leaving voters with a bitter taste in their mouths and incumbents, even in safe districts, prone to anxiety. Yep, as correctly forecasted on January 10 2014 —Will Sex-Trafficking Save the GOP ? — the Do-Nothing Shutdown Congress needed an issue then and NOW. […]

MN02 Jason Lewis Votes To Allow Gender-based Healthcare Pricing

On January 24, a group of Northfield concerned citizens visited the just-opened Burnsville office of Congressional Second District Representative Jason Lewis to discuss the future of healthcare. From the Joan Janusz letter to The Northfield News : Repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as ObamaCare, without a replacement is irresponsible. Lewis’ District Director, […]

MN02 Jason Lewis Paid $3,346.15 ~ Attends Trump Inauguration Ceremonies

Your tax dollars at work. The Vikings' stadium reportedly $50 million over budget. Boy, didn't see that one coming… pic.twitter.com/72tZ1BNiqO — Jason Lewis (@Jason2CD) July 23, 2015 Speaking of Your tax dollars at work, last week was another costly week for the taxpayers wondering when the Republican-controlled Congress would start holding hearings and moving legislation. […]

MN02 Republican Debate How Bad ObamaCare Is

John Kline’s legacy of bashing of ObamaCare is something that apparently will live on based on the recent Republican candidates’ debate … regardless of reports of how many people it has helped. Doesn’t matter if the number is 38,000 or 63,648 or even 73,484, it seems that the Republicans are focused on getting rid of […]

Who Is Ted Cruz Debate Coach ? Jason Lewis ?

John and Jane Doe thought things were going good … until they read Jason Lewis FACEBOOK reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union address … and then heard Ted Cruz express the same concerns during the GOP Presidential Candidates debate. Heck, it was almost like Jason Lewis, a Republican candidate vying to replace John […]