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Healthcare Employment Grew By 342,000 Jobs Yet Erik Paulsen Still FearMongers ObamaCare

Time to repeal this burdensome tax. My bill to Repeal the job-killing #MedDeviceTax has strong bipartisan support. pic.twitter.com/0efKFy8YGO — Erik Paulsen (@Erik_Paulsen) February 13, 2015 Repeal of the “onerous” 2.3% Medical Device Excise Tax is Priority #1 for Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) as he explained in a 2014 post-election Wall Street Journal OpEd : “Americans are […]

Is Emma Watson, John Kline’s next target ?

Interesting tweet projecting the John Kline re-election strategy … Just had a ridic phone survey clearly from #FlipADistrict John Kline ripping @billmaher to shreds. I'm voting for Obermueller. — Mel (@doserenebirth) October 2, 2014 Yep, it appears that for candidate John Kline, the strategy is to avoid the public … heck even his FACEBOOK and […]

What Does the Cochenour Lawsuit Tell Voters About John Kline Campaign Finances ?

In the course of a hearing entitled, “The Culture of Union Activism”, House Education and the Workforce Chairman John Kline (R-MN-02) expressed concern that the governments needs to tread lightly so as not to “stifle employers’ free speech and cripple workers’ free choice”. Now, comes the civil case 14-C-681, Jean F. Cochenour -vs.- Robert E. […]