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After years of Paulsen “Washington Must Do More With Less”, Ryan wants more spending on CTE

Political spin was on display during retiring Speaker Paul Ryan’s visit to pump up the re-election campaigns of Second District Congressman Jason Lewis and Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen (highlights from the Star-Tribune) U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan visited several Twin Cities businesses Monday, touting tax cuts and technical careers while also talking up the […]

MN03 Erik Paulsen Pushing Tax Policy Changes That Could Mean More Jobs in El Salvador

Here are some heart-warming tweets from Congressman Erik Paulsen showing his appreciation for outdoor sports. Last weekend I got to go cross country skiing with Tayler. For #TBT here is a photo from a few years ago. pic.twitter.com/9Jb1WyNlqr — Erik Paulsen (@Erik_Paulsen) December 26, 2013 Beautiful day for cross country skiing with Tayler – Koko […]

Healthcare Employment Grew By 342,000 Jobs Yet Erik Paulsen Still FearMongers ObamaCare

Time to repeal this burdensome tax. My bill to Repeal the job-killing #MedDeviceTax has strong bipartisan support. pic.twitter.com/0efKFy8YGO — Erik Paulsen (@Erik_Paulsen) February 13, 2015 Repeal of the “onerous” 2.3% Medical Device Excise Tax is Priority #1 for Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) as he explained in a 2014 post-election Wall Street Journal OpEd : “Americans are […]